[Concert Review] Sabaton (2017)

History classes bored me. If Sabaton’s lyrics were incorporated into educational materials, stories of decisive battles, pyrrhic victories, and almost mythical figures overcoming impossible odds would come alive! We might then more actively appreciate history or consult historical situations when considering future efforts. Sabaton celebrate those who gave their all while encouraging you to do the same through their upbeat performances. Not only do they motivate you to fight harder, they’d probably lend a hand!

Sold out El Corazón shows are saunas: little air circulation, crammed, and sweaty. Fortunately, the staff utilized a creative solution.

Battle Beast
Touring opening bands offer different perspectives on the band(s) you’re probably there to see. Incorporating Iron Maiden, album-oriented rockers like Pat Benatar, and so much of the Top Gun soundtrack to potentially giving you lactose intolerance because of the quantity of cheese, Battle Beast are an entertaining look into an alternate reality where 80s pop music was actually good… I jest. They’re solid performers just in need more catchy songs like “King For A Day.”
Swag: Maybe next time
Bias: No preconceived notion
Rating: ★★★☆☆ [3/5]

Sabaton’s instruments were hidden under ghillie. The breakdown and setup times were remarkably fast. Well-oiled road crews are unsung heroes.

Leaves’ Eyes
While it’s exciting seeing bands without knowing their music, the lack of context can prevent you from fully enjoying the show, so I’d give cursory listens before I built up a repertoire of concert experiences. Now it’s completely dependant on the quality of the live performance. Leaves’ Eyes were just as engaging with their technical symphonic metal. I’m enjoying their album catalog, particularly the operatic singing in “Halvdan the Black,” and I’d see them again.
Swag: Probably next time
Bias: No preconceived notion
Rating: ★★★★☆ [4/5]

Other than Motörhead, I haven’t seen road crews celebrated for their work! The audience cheered while roadie Andy tested equipment.

“We’ve performed over a thousand shows. Never have we seen this reception on a Monday night!”
The highest compliment I can give any band is that their live performances exceed their studio albums. They’ve done so reliably three times now. Here are some highlights from the show:
– The singer asked if “Gott Mit Uns” should be sung in Swedish or English. After everyone simultaneously cheered, he asked for a democratic vote. A comedic few cheered for the English version. The rest roared for the Swedish version. Silly moments like are entertainingly fun.
– During the blistering heat, a venue employee creatively helped by soaking the audience with water from a massive water gun. Sabaton remained positive, handing out water bottles between songs. Why get upset over a situation when you can work on it?
– Their encore song “To Hell And Back” was the most monumental performance I’ve seen from them yet.
Swag: Shirt, considered another
Bias: Two enamouring performances
Rating: ★★★★★ [5/5]

Sabaton are really something else. They won me over to enjoying power metal and their lyrics are almost like edutainment games because you could learn about history while rocking out!

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