[Concert Review] Year of the Cobra (2017)

You’ve gotta start somewhere. Year of the Cobra, along with other bands expanding the Seattle sound into heavier territory like Wounded Giant and Devils Hunt Me Down, could eventually boil over into wider acclaim. They’re tenacious enough to perform as much as they can. Fill the opening “local band” slot for some rock bands that don’t sound anything like you? Sure! Any opportunity to practice, refine and develop their sound, aiming to win new fans and solidify existing fans.

“Is that Mean Girls on the screen?” It was, oddly enough. Venues normally show upcoming events on their televisions. The Funhouse, formerly just El Corazón’s bar, play whatever they want.

Year of the Cobra
“I saw you guys open for Black Sabbitch.”
Black Sabbath, the name inspiration for that band, is the musical inspiration for most metal bands. Others have progressed from there to be forerunners of increasingly granular sub-genres, such as the inspiration Sleep provided for doom metal, and “they also sound like Windhand.”
That first time I saw the duo I was impressed. Their bass sounded more like a deep electric guitar and their drumming varied from fast to groovy. So I went in with high expectations and they’re better than I remembered them! They didn’t waste any time in practice. The biggest difference I noticed was their increased versatility, ranging from slow and menacing to almost punk rock, while retaining a cohesive sound. The tempo and style changes flowed naturally.
They might be hindered by not having a solid song to rally behind to perhaps garner that extra star. “Persephone” is close for me, although maybe it’s because it sounds like a Motörhead or High on Fire song, and their other songs do fit in nicely on playlists with any of the aforementioned bands. They just haven’t recorded their “Iron Man” yet.
I’m looking forward to seeing them again soon.
SwagShirt, CD, stickers
Rating: ★★★★☆ [4/5]

If you want to meet any band members, buy swag from their merch table before their set. Bigger bands might have meet-and-greets after their set. Actually famous bands? Good luck.

Not quite there. Find the melody in your music, guys. There wasn’t enough breathing room in the music, so it was musical sensory overload, though many bands fail that same way. If you’re not going for catchy, play more aggressively.
Swag: After becoming beastly
Rating: ★★☆☆☆ [2/5]

Concerts aren’t completely exciting. Crowds usually thin out between sets as bands (or roadies) haul off, or set up, instruments. That’s the time for restroom breaks, conversation, or swag acquisition.

Slow Season
Style over substance. Walked out shortly after one member attempted a solo within the first song that fell flat. They need practice, individually and together, to figure out their sound. Also, lead off with a catchy song to grab attention.
Swag: Not yet, Slick!
Rating: ☆☆☆☆☆ [0/5]

Missed Black Pussy and Mothership. Not feeling bad about that since their tourmates weren’t good. Still was a worthwhile trip. Year of the Cobra rocked as I knew they would.

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