[Rowing Machine] 20

I’ve burned off 20 pounds since March and I feel 100% better. I’m able to do more, I feel less tired afterward, and as a direct result: my wardrobe has changed. I’d already switched over to white dress shirts months ago. Cleaning house this weekend sealed it: through maintaining my dietary, physical, and emotional discipline, I hopefully won’t return to XL polo shirts. I have once before. Maybe it’s just a matter of consistency, accountability, and maintenance?

  • My Weekly Stats:
  • Wednesday Morning: 50 invincible rows. Haven’t felt better. Today is my 1600th day of sobriety. Haven’t been in this good of shape in 7 years?
  • Wednesday Bonus: time 5min. 123 slow rows at a 2:14/500m pace. 70 calories burned. 23 strokes per minute. Max resistance. Also 1+ mile walk.
  • Wednesday Evening: 50 rows. Really tired after a good amount of exercise and a concert. Ate healthy today. Back is really sore. Sleep will help.
  • Thursday Morning: 50 decent rows. Really tired today, but got in some good prep work for the next few days of writing, and the rowing was good.
  • Thursday Bonus: time 5min. 42 rows at a 1:30/500m pace, then 82 rows at a 1:43/500m pace. 49 calories. 25 SPM [rows/strokes per minute]. Exercised those stress demons.
  • Thursday Evening: 50 good squat rows. Carefully bending my knees as far as they’d go, got as close to the catch on each row for good stretches.
  • Friday Morning: 50 rows in a hurry. Wasn’t late into work and didn’t skimp out on rowing, though extra time elsewhere would have been nice.
  • Friday Bonus: time 5min. 129 meditative rows at a 2:02/500m pace. 26SPM. 77 calories. Max resistance. Closed my eyes throughout. Quick nap?
  • Friday Evening: 50 rows. Barely made it through. ~30 was sluggish. I barely moved my knees. Tired. Also walked some 3 miles. Mild stretches.
  • Saturday Morning: 50 loosening up rows. Felt stiff and not really sore, just overall sluggish from oversleeping, but this helped as a warm up.
  • Saturday Bonus 1: 50 working rows. Cleaned up and did enough chores where after those chores, rowing, bathing, and eating, it’s siesta time.
  • Saturday Bonus 2: 50 provoking rows. When you’re in a rut, the best way to get out is pushing through. Every row gets you closer to your goals.
  • Saturday Evening: 50 heavy rows. Went fast around 15, let up around 20, great pace throughout. I’m sweaty still, even after washing my face.
  • Sunday Morning: 50 rows to wake me up from apathy and the general sense of wanting to rest over doing things to get me closer to my goals.
  • Sunday Bonus: 50 post-lunch rows. On the one hand, you have more energy with a substantial lunch. On the other hand, it encourages napping.
  • Sunday Evening: 50 machine precise rows. Such power and drive until I ran out of breath at 36, but I picked it up at 39, to conclude strong.
  • Monday Morning: 50 good rows. Skipped last night. Slept instead. Not always good to push yourself too much. Just enough to always progress.
  • Monday Bonus: time 5min. 137 [+50] at a light 1:56/500m pace. 81 calories burned. 26 SPM. Max resistance. Felt like I went slow. Guess not?
  • Monday Evening: 50 good rows. It’s starting to become second nature again for me to row. It’s not a chore. It’s like taking a leak or eating.
  • Tuesday Morning: 50 best in class rows. Nothing was stiff, every movement was fluid. Feeling good about the direction my physicality is going.
  • Tuesday Bonus: time 5min. 100 exhausting rows at a 2:04/500m pace. 23SPM. 58 calories. Max resistance. Arms and all hurt at 79. Got back up!
  • Tuesday Evening: 50 good rows. I’m making really good progress rowing. I keep going at a good clip and not many missteps, which feels good.
  • Vitamins: 6 of 14
    • I’m taking more ownership of taking my vitamins. Hopefully.
  • Weight: 249 pounds
    • Up 2 pounds from last week. I’m not too concerned about it at this point. Next week’s weigh-in will be the determining factor. If it was just insignificant water weight, then as it goes. If it goes up then and again 2 weeks later, I’ll have to adjust my diet and exercise more.
  • Last Week’s Goals:
    1. Vitamins: take before rowing
    2. Diet: diversifying food options
    3. Exercise: sweeping/cleaning more often
  • This Week’s Goals:
    1. Vitamins: 100% consistency, refill Magnesium and Vitamin D
    2. Diet: introduce further variety
    3. Exercise: keep it up!!
  • From Good to Better
    • “I exercise 2 to 4 times a day. Each rowing set I do only burns about 9 calories. What that does is raise my metabolism. I also think it subconsciously tells my body to go for healthier food.”
    • I ate some fish and chips recently. The fish was good. The chips or fries were greasy. I normally wouldn’t have noticed.
    • I don’t know the majority determining factor, however, I’ve been to three concerts this week and went into work the next day with an average of 4 hours of sleep. I wasn’t in terrible shape any of those days.
  • Sober Living
    • I’d say after the initial hurdles (in the first few months and years), now it’s only about once a month or less that not indulging is a stressor.
    • It’s always going to be there for the rest of my life, lingering, like a stain that didn’t completely go away on an otherwise good white dress shirt.
    • “I recently surpassed 1600 days without drinking. We should drink to celebrate.” At least I can make light of it when I’m not stressed out.
  • Photo: Colossus’s barbells sitting atop my old polo shirt wardrobe. I guess 100 doesn’t really correlate with 20 too well. Couldn’t think of a better way to imply it. Works well enough for me.
My big goal is writing. My most important goal is writing "The Story." All other goals should work toward that central goal. My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame some fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. I'm not better than you and you're not better than me. Let's strive to be better every day.