[Rowing Machine] 2018: Week 17 {238.0}

Fitness isn’t universal. What works for me might not work for you. Within 6 months, I should return to my former apex of rowing hour-long sets, which is not something most people would enjoy. Instead of being frustrated over not being able to do that, focus on what you can do with what you have, for your intended results. I see rowing as a tool that can help me do what I want: more universal tasks.

  • My Weekly Stats:
  • Tuesday 17 Morning: time 5min, 164 rows. Still not feeling it, but feeling better, so I did what I could. Six years ago this would have been hard, six months ago this might have been hard, so I keep to it since in six months, I could be doing stuff as warm-up that I can barely do now.
  • Tuesday 17 Bonus: 10 minutes or so of walking.
  • Tuesday 17 Wii Fit: 12 minutes
  • Tuesday 17 Evening: time 10min, 329 rows. My right knee was hurting while I was walking around. I realized I was pivoting too much instead of walking with good posture and form. Bad form in everything can hurt, even unintentional. I wonder how much damage I’ve done over the years…
  • Wednesday 18 Morning: time 5min, 166 rows. My right knee hurt from around 25 strokes in a dull, occasional sort of way until I looked around at around 80 to get my mind off it. It wasn’t sharp enough to take me down, but I should stretch it more throughout today, and just more often.
  • Wednesday 18 Bonus: About 10 minutes of city walking.
  • Wednesday 18 Wii Fit: 14 minutes
  • Wednesday 18 Evening: time 10min, 313 rows. Long day and I’m tired, so instead of giving up, I just went with a light set and kept my eyes closed throughout, almost like I was taking a nap. Wasn’t my strongest effort but it felt good overall! Sometimes easy sets are better than nothing.
  • Thursday 19 Morning: time 5min, 163 rows. Whenever someone asks for my time to call, I give them 5 minutes where I do idle cleaning tasks, and after that I proceed along with my day. No phone call during my set, now 15 minutes later. Don’t let the disrespect of others impact your life!
  • Thursday 19 Bonus: 1 hour of yard work. 20 minutes mowing, 40 minutes digging.
  • Thursday 19 Wii Fit: 16 minutes
  • Thursday 19 Evening: time 10min, 324 rows. Good set. I tried not to push it too much with my yardwork duties since I’m finally now starting to feel better overall, so hopefully I can maintain this, because I’m making great physical and mental progress through my fitness adventures.
  • Friday 20 Morning: time 5min, 153 rows. I noticed that I swing my knees out too much during my sets. I might make a fitness band to wear around my knees so I don’t swing out wide. Maybe just a cloth band will do. I’ll see about making that tonight before my longer set and try it out.
  • Friday 20 Bonus: Some light walking around.
  • Friday 20 Wii Fit: 15 minutes
  • Friday 20 Evening: time 10min, 324 rows. An old shirt, cut up, and knotted, makes for an adequate knee band to prevent me from swinging my knees out too widely when I row. This option does not, however, adequately prevent my runny nose and sore throat symptoms from progressing…
  • Saturday 21 Afternoon: time 5min, 153 rows. That was rough. I’m sick with a sore throat, runny nose, possibly due to allergies, and I’m feeling it now. I had to pause at 99. I’m going to skip the 10 minute set and Wii Fit exercises, rest up, and hopefully feel better tomorrow.
  • Saturday 21 Bonus: No additional exercise
  • Saturday 21 Wii Fit: 0 minutes, other than the daily check-in
  • Saturday 21 Evening: Still feeling sick.
  • Sunday 22 Morning: time 5min, 166 rows. I’m feeling better, but I was overheating, I don’t want to push it. I noticed when I kept my knees straighter, my ankles responded well, so I can improve. I might start wearing a knee band when I sit and write to train myself subconsciously.
  • Sunday 22 Bonus: 5 minutes of cleaning.
  • Sunday 22 Wii Fit: 15 minutes
  • Sunday 22 Evening: time 10min, 336 rows. Good idea on holding the knees almost completely together, Ron. I must have been losing a lot of efficiency by swinging my knees out even slightly so. You don’t really notice it from the side, which is why no trainer had noticed it years back.
  • Monday 23 Morning: time 5min, 160 rows. Keeping my knees together might have been the reason why my right shoe disintegrated while my left remained fine. I noticed my right ankle burned throughout this set, so I hadn’t been properly using it up until now… I’ll test more to confirm.
  • Monday 23 Bonus: 60 minutes of yardwork
  • Monday 23 Wii Fit: 0 minutes, other than the daily check-in
  • Monday 23 Evening: time 10min, 316 rows. Not a good indicator that holding my knees in would make for improved sets (factoring in caloric burn rates, SPM, total strokes), except for the fatigue of one hour of yardwork, staying up late, and just getting over a cold… need more data.
  • Weight: 238.0 pounds (down 0.5 pounds)
    • I weighed myself before peeing. I was at 240… so the progress isn’t much…
  • Liquid Consumption (my goal: >1 gallon of water [[L * 0.26417]]):
      • Tuesday: 4.46 liters (1.2 gallons) of water, 1.0 liters of coffee
      • Wednesday: 5.26  liters (1.4 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee, 2 cups of green tea
      • Thursday: 5.26 liters (1.4 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee
      • Friday: 6.86 liters (1.8 gallons) of water, 1.75 liters of coffee
      • Saturday: 6.06 liters (1.6 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee
      • Sunday: 5.26 liters (1.4 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee
      • Monday: 4.46 liters (1.2 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee, 2 cups of orange juice
  • Vitamins: 14 of 14!
    • Multivitamin; Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc; Fish Oil; Vitamin C; Vitamin D; Vitamin E.
      • Added Vitamin C to the cadre.
  • Last Week’s Goals:
    1. Weight: [succeeded] I haven’t been moving forward in the past few months, it seems, but I haven’t been moving backward. The exercises in Wii Fit are encouraging for me to try more exercises outside of Wii Fit, so I might be kicking things into the next gear soon. Just have to diversify.
    2. Consistency: [succeeded] Even skipping Saturday evening’s set, I’m going to give it to myself because I could have skipped my “morning” set. I might have a few months ago, because I was feeling sick enough to have a good excuse, but actually doing the set really defined that I wasn’t feeling well.
    3. Health: [succeeded] Last year, I had a similar cold which lasted significantly longer than about 48 hours, and in September I had a minor cold lasting less than that. So I’m going to go ahead and say that I did well in this department, all factors considered, because I could have been sicker!
  • This Week’s Goals:
    1. Weight: No weight gain. My biggest crutch is the sugary snack bar I’ll snack on to give myself a nice boost of simple carbohydratic energy to get my through some sort of thought. I’m going to start snacking on carrots with peanut butter, if I hadn’t already made a bigger meal.
    2. Consistency: This will be the week of my first 15-minute evening set. I’ve done more, but this’ll be consistent. I’ll have to pick a day where I won’t be pushing myself too hard that day or the next. It will eventually become second nature; the first attempt is always the hardest.
    3. Health: I’m on the rebound from having a cold, so I’m not going to push myself too much. For a goal, I’m finding I’m relying too much on sugary foods for a stimulating reward before I do something. I’m not sure how to cut back this sugar addiction. Maybe I’ll research?
  • From Good to Better
    • Spirits are up, and though I’m writing this Friday evening in the midst of a cold, I’m feeling better than last week or the week before. Things are just kinda fitting into place well. It took me about a week but I’m adjusted to this extended period of job hunting.
    • Specifically, I’m finding it’s all about balance. I can’t stay at home for multiple days in a row, although staying home one or two days is certainly fine, as long as I’m being productive. If not, then I should get out and do something, even if it’s just driving around.
    • Sunday evening and I’m mostly over the cold. I skipped the 3-minute jog in Wii Fit and skipped the toy fair to avoid pushing my cold symptoms even more. (Honestly, I wasn’t really planning on going. I have enough content to write about for the short term… and sufficient toys.)
  • Sober Living
    • The stress demons are off rattling some cages far off in the distance allowing me to focus on my present tasks, my writing, and remaining upbeat. When it’s hard for me to write Sober Living essays, life is good, but when it’s easy then I need to disengage from stressors.
    • I wonder if I can start to find the parallels? Between writing about my experiences and studying academia, I might be able to figure out ways to really treat myself rather than just talk therapy. That only works so well. There has to be something more effective to fix this.
    • Sunday evening and I haven’t really worked on my next Sober Living draft yet, because I haven’t really been mentally stressed out lately. I guess that’s a good thing, because a few weeks ago I was cranking out that shit so easily it was actually kind of concerning for me.
  • Confronting Cortisol Circumstances
    • I haven’t experienced any particularly stressful moments through the first half of the week, which is certainly a nice change of pace, although if anything it’s been stress on my body in the form of pushing myself to get out and do more, resulting in this head cold or flu…
    • To battle that, I’m just remaining more hydrated than usual, and took most of Friday “easy” to let things mend. I also had some of my favorite chicken katsu curry, which between that and coffee, is part of my panacea theory: spice and coffee could possibly flush out minor aches.
    • I have to be careful with balancing staying at home, even with the legitimate excuse of being sick, with getting out and experiencing reality. If I hole up too much, then my reclusive tendencies can make me feel awkward in many normal situations. The upside is it’s less stressful overall.
  • Disengaging from Stress
    • I have had an uptick in the amount of anime I’ve been watching. It’s just been such a good season! My favorite show this season could be: Lupin III V, Wotaku, Golden Kamuy, Hina Matsuri, Megalo Box, Gegege no Kitaro, Nobunaga no Shinobi, Comic Girls, or even Magical Girl Site.
    • Just like in Wii Fit, where there’s a constant focus on figuring out and maintaining your balance, so too in entertainment and work there should be balance. Similarly, I write this column in chunks. I’ll write these subsections before the weekend, so I have enough time to wrap up everything.
    • This might sound silly, but getting over myself is helping me disengage from stress as I’m out and about. I still carry that ego baggage around where I concern myself with what others think. I guess we can’t entirely operate in oblivion, so some of it is good- moderation’s key.
  • Rowing Machine Maintenance
    • This is becoming routine for me. Blotting some 20W motor oil into my oil pan, dabbing it up with pieces of an old shirt, and rubbing down the chain is becoming nearly an effortless thing to do weekly. That is good, however unfortunately, boring writing content. (Skipping the additional 100 words.)
  • Photo and Outro
    • The photo was originally just going to be a generic photo at my Wii Fit kiosk. I wasn’t happy with the results so I went against my usual “outside the lightbox” theme and went with an elaborate shot. Balancing Dhalsim’s legs took the most work, followed by Cyclops’s weak ankles.
    • I’m happy with the shot, composition (especially the background characters), and I’ve made my peace with showing the side of the lightbox. That’s faux pax in action figure photography, but I operate differently than the norm (except when I feel like operating with the norm), so I’m fine with it.
    • I’d say a good week overall, minus some hurdles, because I kept pushing toward my goals. That was thanks to consistency, through holding myself accountable, and structure to keep moving forward. I can achieve much more than I might anticipate. It’s just a matter of not pushing myself too much.
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Above: Final draft of this thought.
Below: My first attempt at a plank.
Wii Fit Stats: Weight and Bonuses

My big goal is writing. My most important goal is writing "The Story." All other goals should work toward that central goal. My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame some fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. I'm not better than you and you're not better than me. Let's strive to be better every day.