[Rowing Machine] 2018: Week 35 {232.0}

It’s taken 520 days now of constantly applied effort to start seeing my fitness goals realized. Would it feel as rewarding if that were significantly easier? If so, I’d probably take my fitness, physique, and general health for granted! Since I fought so fiercely to burn off 35 pounds so far, I can cherish the little results, like tightened ab muscles. Without that or the positive reinforcement, I can easily return to obesity in few than 520 days.

My Daily Stats

Monday 20th
Row #1: 5 minutes, 30.5 SPM [strokes/rows per minute], 2:44min/500m [my average rowing pace, so it’d take me around 2:44 minutes to row 500 meters], 846 meters, 150 rows [verbally counted]. My alarms now verbally tell me the time of day, which might be annoying for those within earshot, but for me, it’s effective. If there were a way to include customizable phrases, like “today, edit the rowing column,” that would be awesome. It is motivating, though.
Row #2: 5 minutes, 36 SPM, 2:27min/500m, 917 meters, 176 rows. I didn’t put much effort into this set. You know that sort of resigned tired you get when you’re still frustrated over robocalls and how they just won’t go away? Maybe it’s technological ennui?
Wii Fit: 0 minutes
Push-ups: 0 (full), 6 (at-knee)
Jogs: 0 seconds (stationary), multiple short sprints, including an exhausting run to the bus
Bonus: 2 hours of walking, 4-8 hours of walking around the office
Sleep: 6 hours

Tuesday 21st
Row #1: 4:44 minutes, 33 SPM, 2:37min/500m, 825 meters, 150 rows. I don’t like distracting myself from the rowing process because I enjoy feeling my shoulders move, the rhythm of my legs and arms, and the melody of breathing in and out. If I focused instead on some music or video, I’d miss out on those subtly nice physicalities.
Row #2: 5 minutes, 37.5 SPM, 2:31min/500m, 940 meters. I took a wellness day today. I didn’t like where certain things were going, so I changed what I could, and forgot the rest. I still don’t like a great many things about this current situation, but I have some positives, too. Rowing is an effective stress reliever.
Wii Fit: 0 minutes
Push-ups: 0 (full), 5 (at-knee)
Jogs: 0 seconds (stationary), 0 seconds (in motion)
Bonus: No additional exercise.
Sleep: 3 hours, one hour awake, followed by another 3 hours asleep

Wednesday 22nd
Row #1: 4:38 minutes, 32.5 SPM, 2:22min/500m, 827 meters, 150 rows. When I’m not able to drop down my pace to hit a good 30 SPM pace, or better: less than 150 #rows in 5 minutes, that means there are lingering anxiety problems to address. It’s me impulsively going too fast at something minor, which can cause problems in major ways.
Row #2: 5 minutes, 37 SPM, 2:31min/500m, 930 meters. I turned down a pistachio’d candy type object today. Looked good. Know what was better? Not feeling bloated from having my intestines trying to process these artificial candies that might taste good but rot your guts! Maybe… I’m not a doctor.
Wii Fit: 0 minutes
Push-ups: 0 (full), 6 (at-knee)
Jogs: 0 seconds (stationary), multiple short sprints
Bonus: 1 hour of walking, 4-8 hours of walking around the office
Sleep: 3 hours not fully able to sleep, then 3 hours fully asleep

Thursday 23rd
Row #1: 5 minutes, 28 SPM, 3:05min/500m, 782 meters, 138 rows. Which is better, 138 rows that really challenge your muscles to be their very best and break apart any tensions that could lead to disaster later on, or 150 done within a 5-minute set as part of an obligation to routine? Let your muscles tell you their weaknesses.
Row #2: 5 minutes, 26 SPM, 2:30min/500m, 962 meters. I have no motivational phrase or physicality insight to share. The set was more of a drag than normal. I’m tired, hungry, and there’s so much to do. I’ll focus on the lower levels of my hierarchy of needs, then achieve self-actualization later after I eat and rest.
Wii Fit: 0 minutes
Push-ups: 0 (full), 6 (at-knee)
Jogs: 0 seconds (stationary), multiple short sprints
Bonus: 2 hours of walking, 4-8 hours of walking around the office
Sleep: 5 hours

Friday 24th
Row #1: 5 minutes, 32 SPM, 2:53min/500m, 822 meters, 145 rows. Mistakes [I spelled that wrong initially] are horrible if you’re trying to achieve a 100% at life. How one even does that is beyond me, and maybe everyone, thus the perfection anxiety. Do your best, feel the burn as you extend your knees out too far, and press on!
Row #2: 5 minutes, 37 SPM, 2:37min/500m, 893 meters. Upon getting home last night, I knew if I sat down, I’d be fast asleep after a week of physical and mental overexertion. Got in my set. After one hour of dazing through the Internet abyss melting on the couch, I slept instantly… Fitness enables me to bounce back [quicker].
Wii Fit: 0 minutes
Push-ups: 0 (full), 6 (at-knee)
Jogs: 0 seconds (stationary), multiple short sprints
Bonus: 2 hours of walking, 4-8 hours of walking around the office
Sleep: 3 good hours, 3 interrupted hours

Saturday 25th
Row #1: 4:50 minutes, 31 SPM, 2:42min/500m, 834 meters, 150 rows. Busy morning, in part because I wanted to get everything prepped for the writing project I’m rejoining now, so I’m only just posting my morning stats. Wrapping up this set 10 seconds early just told me that I needed to downshift just a little, and it’s worked well!
Row #2: 5 minutes, 34 SPM, 3:03min/500m, 773 meters. The nice thing about having learned to push myself twice daily for as long as I have rowing is that I will sit on my rowing machine until I feel like doing a subpar set, and when I’m halfway through, I’ll kick it into a good gear. Of course, I’ll be asleep soon.
Wii Fit: 0 minutes
Push-ups: 0 (full), 6 (at-knee)
Jogs: 0 seconds (stationary), 0 seconds (in motion)
Bonus: 1 hour of walking
Sleep: 6 hours

Sunday 26th
Row #1: 5 minutes, 36.5 SPM, 2:23min/500m, 945 meters, 178 rows. This job is burning me out. If I do anything other than rest up during the week or weekends, I’m exhausted much more than I should. This is probably why so many people don’t do much with their lives. It’s just too taxing otherwise. Still, persistence pays off big!
Row #2: 5 minutes, 38 SPM, 2:09min/500m, 1181 meters, 184 rows. Public accountability is always a good way to keep a good pace, but accountability from friends is more personal. You don’t want to disappoint your buddy in the gym, when really, doing any fitness will make any good gym buddies happy. It’s all about the positives.
Wii Fit: 5 minutes [Triangle, 3-minute jog]
Push-ups: 1 (full), 6 (at-knee)
Jogs: 3 minutes (stationary), 0 seconds (in motion)
Bonus: 1 hour of cleaning and organizing
Sleep: 6 hours plus a few unmotivated naps

Stats And Stuff

232.0 pounds: up 2.5 pounds from 229.5 pounds

(Note: My goal is 1 gallon of water per day. One liter is 0.26417 gallons.)
Monday: 4.9 liters (1.3 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee, 1 cup of chocolate milk [[Despite suspecting I’m probably lactose intolerant, or at least, I feel slightly ill consistently after drinking milk, sometimes, I just have this gnawing craving for that lightly viscous cream. It’s weird. I’ll feel ill before and after, so maybe it’s a way to remind myself that I’m not feeling well…?]]
Tuesday: 10.2 liters (2.7 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee
Wednesday: 4.9 liters (1.3 gallons) of water, 2.2 liters of coffee, 12 oz of orange juice
Thursday: 4.9 liters (1.3 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee
Friday: 4.9 liters (1.3 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee
Saturday: 3.9 liters (1.0 gallon) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee
Sunday: 7.8 liters (2.0 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee

Vitamins13 of 14
(I take: Multivitamin; Calcium, Magnesium, Zinc; Fish Oil; Vitamin C; Vitamin D; and Vitamin E.)
– Reminders work only as well as their alarms. If I put my vitamins on top of my drink container’s lid to remind myself to take them, I have to see them, otherwise, I’ll forget like I did on Monday evening. Slipping up occasionally is good for figuring out your vulnerabilities… and here’s a psychological diagnostic trick since you’re here: when I’m in great mental and physical shape, I remember stuff like this without issue. When I’m not, and you’re not – when we forget stuff – that’s a little subconscious clue that something’s wrong. Take that moment to take a step back.

Rowing Machine Maintenance
– Check bolts: yes
– Clean seat: yes
– Lube chain: yes

Aspiring Toward Goals

Last Week’s Goals:
Weight  [232.0 pounds]: [failed] “I’ll probably gain 3 pounds by eating this,[1]” and it was just about that much, but sometimes especially before a busy day, I’m OK with binge-eating to alleviate one stress point. Even if it causes another. I will need to be more careful by drinking more water and consuming less stress…
Consistency: [neutral] Good on most fronts, but I’m still giving this a neutral for a few reasons: if I don’t manage my time well enough for any Wii Fit stretches, that means I’m overloading my day, so I won’t get enough time to decompress, feel better, rest up, and work harder later.
Health: [neutral] This contract is grueling for multiple reasons. I’m on the go for over 62.5 hours each week, and there’s enough stress to it to make it easy to crash and burn without pacing. Short of taking days off to keep that pacing strong, it’s just about fast, frequent momentary respites.

This Week’s Goals:
Weight: No weight gain. My weight usually fluctuates by around three pounds depending on how much water or food I consume, so I wonder how I can stabilize that to decrease my weight? The easiest way would be to consume less food and more water, along with exercising even more… probably.
Consistency: The hard part of this job and many other is that you only get a few hours each day to yourself. The rest of the day is devoted to your employer. When I get home, I get maybe two hours to split between rowing, Wii Fit, and decompressing. 4 weeks left…
Health: The temptation is to borrow even more time throughout the day for other activities. I might be trying to do too much, but I don’t know any other way than to constantly push the boundaries of myself and my reality, so I just need to artificially include micro health/wellness breaks.

Future Fitness Plans
I’m going to up the push-ups by one every week. 5, 6, and now 7. I might try to throw in full push-ups into the mix, but so far I’m still unsuccessful, so I’m going to do what I can to keep it up. Also, focus on fuller, cleaner rowing strokes more often.

Random Fitness Topics

From Good to Better
I am getting better at looking at behavior, specifically: how do people act when they have power over you? If you tell them “I have to be out of here by 5 p.m.[2]” and they put up a resistance until you present a valid argument, are they worth your respect?

Sober Living
I wonder if all of us addicts of any sorts are just fiends for freedom? When we’re pulled too far away from what we intuitively understand, appreciate, or want most, we might lash out first at others, then, ultimately, ourselves? If so, addicts are just on the psychological front lines.

Moving Zeal
Major infrastructure changes always disrupt things initially, then after a few days, you start to figure out where to place things. Removed some shelving units I’d been under-utilizing, now, that will be my empty box area. I had a bad habit of not breaking down boxes. Now’s their usefulness time.

Confronting Cortisol Circumstances
When you’re mad at something or someone, I’ve found that it’s best to state your case firmly and fairly when you get the chance, so they have a chance to understand the situation and present their counterargument. If it’s some petty bullshit, sometimes it’s alright to let it slide; sometimes.

Decompressing Disquietudes, Dude
When you strike firmly and fairly, interestingly enough, I’ve always felt better than if I’ve let something linger. It’s like pulling the band-aid off a wound. Once addressed, you can start to unwind from a situation, and when your mind has truly passed on from it, you’re in good shape.

Wii Fit Highlights
I’m not sure this contract’s timing will allow me to do Wii Fit stretches all week, but I should try for at least a few days a week because I do enjoy the Triangle pose. I might save the 3-minute jog for days I can rest, because… I am sore.

A Nice Outro
The nature of these weekly columns will change in a few weeks. They’re a large time sink, but I do enjoy going through these intricacies because I find casually filling in sections helps me probe into certain areas of my physical and mental psyche for greater understandings of my fitness.

[1] Me.
[2] Try telling a technojunkie that you’re a human being with emotions and feelings and you’re better off asking them for $100. “I’ve got a bus to catch” broke that spell. Seeing behavior like this is why I tolerate my career path, but, it’s not easy.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
Inspirations: Waking up Tuesday morning and noticing that my abs felt tighter, along with noticing for the past few days that I’ve been fitting into my shirts more comfortably. It was more interesting than my backup theme, “chew more slowly,” so I’ll save that for another week.
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Above: Quick shot to get some details on Colossus.
Below: Screenshot from Asobi Asobase for fun.
Wii Fit Stats: Weight and BMI
Written On: August 21st [40 minutes], August 23rd [40 minutes], August 24th [1 minute], August 26th [90 minutes]
Last Edited: August 26th

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