[Rowing Machine] 2018: Week 41 {229.5}

Let’s say you’ve set up a decent home gym with everything you might want or need. If you’re an avid indoor rower like me, it’s got your rowing machine, your maintenance tools, and creature comforts to make it easier for you. Then when you travel abroad, the question is: how you can schedule the rowing in during your day? Even if you just do 5-minute sets, scheduling can prevent you from achieving your goals… right?

Not if you don’t let the excuses seep in.

Rowing machines are not easy to find in small gyms. There might be an ergometer if someone brought it specifically for the gym. Even the YMCA I visited recently just had one in its massive facility with a room full of other more popular equipment. Maybe it’s their price or lack of show-off glamor?

What if there is no YMCA? Or affordable gym?

What can you do with a few minutes every day? Can you do push-ups? Stationary jogs? Swim? Fitness helps train us to avoid the minor inconveniences. If this gym has limited Sunday hours and those hours are already called for, then sure, fighting to reclaim that time will be tough.

But why not row if it’s nearby?

Why not wake up early to work out before the day’s festivities? Sleeping in might be nice, but I’ve found it less appealing when I’m looking to do more than I did yesterday and seeking to do more better than yesterday. Why sleep through life if you can guide it toward your best possible dream scenario?

Is convenience that worthwhile?

Maybe you’re vacationing for gluttonous relaxation. Sometimes that can be a good thing for a break but when you’ve become disciplined in physical fitness like I have, your body gets anxious to get in there and exert itself. If I don’t row for a few days, I become tense and cranky.

Rowing is one of my respites.

I like to travel and adventure. Walking around a city for one hour always clears my head and always leaves me feeling mentally and physically refreshed. Part of that exploration time comes with the expense of needing time to not focus on sensations. To do something familiar and easy.

To not explore and to reorganize.

We so often go out and “do” that we forget to “not do” anything at all, so we carry baggage with us everywhere. Leave the baggage at work, so you don’t need to carry it with you home. The less you bring to the gym the better. Just yourself, really, and maybe a smartphone to track your stats.

Otherwise, just hit the gym.

Do what needs to be done in the time you have that day. Have 1 hour to get in your “full” set? 30 minutes to get in a partial set? 10 minutes before work? Get out there and do something! Don’t wait for the perfect conditions with everything lining up. Just get out there and do what you can.

Wherever you may find yourself.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
Inspirations: Writing from the hotel room after just doing a set at the Y. Also of note: I weighed myself after I got back and weighed some 5.5 pounds heavier, but burned off most of it by my next weigh-in a few days later, so vacationing wasn’t that unhealthy.
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Written On: September 29 [30 minutes]
Last Edited: October 8th [10 minutes]
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