[Rowing Machine] 2018: Week 51 {227.5} “Hours Spent Moving”

I used to spend most days sedentarily engaged in writing or working. The gigs I’ve enjoyed the most have got me out and about, but that might have just been because my hobbies are mainly sedentary. Now that I’m in the process of moving, which you’ll be reading about over the next few months, I’m more likely to spend hours moving things around. The most interesting change is that sitting around isn’t as appealing now.

This photograph summarizes that sedentary nature well.

This was before finding out I needed to move. It was going to be the leading photograph for an essay about clutter and cataloging certain collections. I read back over it this evening and it wasn’t terribly good, so I probably won’t be salvaging it anytime soon, but I’m not going to delete it just yet. It’s not bad, there was just too much preamble, and more so, there wasn’t any urgency to actually get these TMNT toys sorted.

It was like writing to inspire me to sort through them.

The process of bagging and boxing this random selection of TMNT toys maybe took about 30 minutes or so but lacked the fundamental part that was keeping me from actually doing it: I wanted to catalog them all along the way. A rather ambitious task, but with the major advantage of being able to go to toy stores, conventions, and thrift stores, consult my collection guide to see if it’d be worth the money to buy a particular toy or set of toys.

The time is over to do those casual sorting and cataloging.

Now, it’s a mad dash to get as much sorted into boxes as possible and moved into storage. My idea is once I move, I’ll go through the process of unboxing and cataloging, but through all the calories I’ve exerted moving around, bending down to put things away, moving around boxes, and generally being more active than I would otherwise have been just sitting at my computer, it’s also inspired me to remember that these toys and other things in my collections should be their overall sustenance rather than sugary flare.

It’s like cutting out the worst foods in my diet.

If I can cut out anything I don’t care about, that’s less for me to move to my next place. Similar to fitness, it’s a difficult process to initiate, and when you’re faced with the idea of working out after a long period of sedentary inactivity, it’s daunting, but the more often you exercise, the easier it becomes. Similarly to the idea that being overweight is just because of overabundant access to food, clutter is just a physical manifestation of your mind’s inability to complete tasks, put things away, and perhaps the occasional splurging on something you don’t quite need, but might want, anyways.

Just like I’m less interested in junk food, I’m also less interested in buying clutter.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 227.5
Last week’s weight: 225.0
Difference: 1.5 pounds more than last week, and 4 pounds heavier than my best weigh-in. I haven’t rowed much this week and I suspect that, general stress, and eating more rice all caused this. I thought packing would be sufficient weight-loss exercise…
Inspirations: Spending hours and days sorting through things to keep, donate, or sell.
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Photo: Rowing template overlaid atop a photo of some TMNT toys.
Written On: November 30th [16 minutes]
Last Edited: First draft; final draft – This was a loose analogy between clutter and fitness that might not have landed, but I think it works out well enough.
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