[Rowing Machine] 2018: Week 52 {226.5} “Gift To Yourself”

The best gift you can give to yourself is self-trust. Knowing that regardless of how any event turned out, if you trust that you did your best and tried with as much effort as you could muster, then the consequences are trivialities. Take all those negative feelings you have about wishing you could have changed past events and trust that you can act with positive intentions in behaviors that will improve your mind and body.

What can you do with self-trust?

You can enter any situation with a certain level of conviction that even if you act awkward or say the wrong thing, you won’t be fighting yourself with sentimentalities about how if only you could’ve, should’ve or would’ve, then things would be different. No! The Shoulda-Woulda-Coulda Game is borne out of that insecurity over trusting yourself.

Be your own ally, cheerleader, and biggest fan.

It’s not arrogant. It’s not rude. It’s not that you’re putting yourself in front of others. You’ll know when you believe in yourself and trust that you act well that you can help out others and act in ways that will improve your life, whether that’s through shedding elements of yourself that are unfavorable or working on elements that you like.

The sooner you trust yourself, the faster you can act.

I’ve found that many things in my life have been limited by my lack of trust in myself over how I do things. I used to not trust how I wrote. If I return to this essay in five years and cringe over this or that, it won’t be such a big deal, because during this exact moment, sitting here, typing away, I feel that these are the best words I can give to you.

When I’m done here, I trust that I will do what I must.

I must move out. There is no ambiguity about that. Everything must go. So whether that’s today – Christmas Day – or the day I wrote this – the 16th – then I must focus all the effort I would have spent writing fiction or relaxing into this move. I trust that if I continue to think positively and focus on that, I will accomplish this nearly-impossible goal.

When we trust ourselves, the impossible doesn’t seem so impossible.

When we trust ourselves, we can be critical over actions we do that might hurt ourselves or others. We can hear feedback about how our actions hurt others, or we can choose to ignore that feedback. We can accept that our weight has increased and trust that we will be able to work on that. Weight is just a byproduct of our physical choices, after all.

Eat recklessly? Don’t exercise enough?

Rather than hear bad news and complain, when we trust ourselves, we can work on turning the bad news around into our favor.

With practice, we can trust we’ll do the impossible.[]

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 226.5
Last week’s weight: 227.5
Difference: Down 1 pound. Lowest: 223.5, though.
Inspirations: Originally, this was going to be about not binge eating over the holidays, but I covered that on Thanksgiving, and since there’ve been some writings about gifts and stuff, I thought about the idea: what’s the best gift you could give to yourself? Self-confidence. I’m not really happy with the essay now that it’s done, but as I was writing it, it helped me feel better, getting out of a terrible rut, so I suppose it might help others.
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Written On: December 16th [20 minutes]
Last Edited: First draft; final draft.
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