[Rowing Machine] 2019: Week 05 {230.5} “Gotta Move Daily”

I was in a weird funk for a few days and couldn’t quite pinpoint why: I hadn’t rowed in a few days. It’s become such a fundamental core of my day to row at least once that too much time away feels weird. It’s like ten minutes to myself and my mind, to explore thoughts, or just actively meditating on how my body is feeling. There are, of course, other exercises that are good enough…

…it’s just rowing is the most efficient workout for me.

The space I have for my rower is dedicated to that. I’ll sit down and my focus will approach the singularity of putting in a good set, if not my best set ever, and with that mentality, I must become better. To exert yourself physically is to overcome certain mental obstacles. Today, for example, I just wanted to sleep for hours, and actually did for far longer than I really needed, but that was mainly to give myself a mental break for a time.

Rowing helped me through it.

I was in a confused haze of wanting to do many things simultaneously, or needing to, which leads to anxiety for me. I mean, there are so many good videogames to play, so many books I should read, not to mention all the things I need to write! Through that 10-minute rowing set, I focused on one thing: counting from 1 to 100, then back to 1 and up to 100. I don’t count the hundredth digit because that ruins my flow and encourages competition.

The only thing I’m competing against is my inadequacies.

Throughout each set, it’s a mental battle of not overexerting yourself while not putting in an underwhelming set. The ideal balance for me has been a set where I’m not exhausted but I get that little bit of a glow going from pushing myself through something with just a slightly moderate challenge. It’s the same as playing a game where you encounter some difficult challenge that’s tripped you up a few times, frustrated you, then you overcome it.

Life is all about overcoming overwhelmingly simple challenges.

I used to be fearful of many days at school, over failing at something, which carried over into my earlier parts of my career where I’d be wary of arriving to work on certain days for fear of something or another. I think that’s errant energy that’s stagnating and causing inner-strife. If instead, I expel some of that energy into rowing, writing, or the occasional escapist activity like reading or playing a game, then it’s the same as working out and resting.

Gotta work out hard and rest well to get good results.

Otherwise, if you push yourself too hard for too many days, doing anything at all – even rowing – you’ll burn out, and what’s the value of that? I’m trying to reach a more well-balanced life.

It’s taking time.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 230.5
Last week’s weight: 226.0
Difference: I wasn’t able to weigh-in on Sunday, was sick on Monday, and only weighed in on Tuesday after my morning coffee and such, so the weight is probably a little biased. Still, I’m not feeling 100%, but I should try to get in some more rowing, regardless.
Inspirations: Mainly that funk I was in, along with wanting to write about fitness in some regard. I’ve been packing up boxes for most of these days, and it’s weird to shift from that to socializing or doing other things. I prefer to do one thing and really get in there, but that’s also not good either, so I’m trying to balance things out by timing things so I’m not focused too long on any one thing – except writing. I allow plenty of time for writing, and all my “30 minutes” statements for the “written on” section have all been wild estimates that are probably half-true.
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Picture: Random colors and many points that one would want to do all at once. My solution has been to do 10-minutes of some of these, like rowing, reading, or gaming, so I actually get to do some things.
Written On: January 13th [30 minutes]
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