[Rowing Machine] 2019: Week 06 {230.0} “Overindulging in Excess”

“I know not to donate… gar-bage![1]” I understand the mentality. I’ve been there. Thrift stores lose money when they take in trash, but come on, buddy, quit giving me shit for donating stuff I don’t have the time to sell. Most of my time now is spent sifting through the possessions I haven’t boxed up to figure out what I must keep and what I can burn off. Decluttering is like practicing new dietary restrictions.

The easiest way is avoiding gluttony.

I’ll drop off the donations and go. Just like I can eat lots of various types of food, but if I tell myself, “no pizza, no candy, no donuts, no soda, no blah-blah-blah,” these are all things I’m OK with discarding. I have certain exceptions baked in for special occasions, but more often than not, I’m not even interested. I briefly thought of eating pizza today but that was about it.

Similarly, no point in thrifting right now.

It’s not so much a lack of interest as much as severe reprioritizing of my time: any of the recreational benefits of walking around a store, finding something new, and the sugary sensation of buying it don’t match the satisfaction of freeing up space or the calories burned moving the boxes or donations to their next destination.

No point to looking for new action figures, either.

There will always be new characters I want to add to my collections, but the question becomes as I’m sorting through years of stuff with weeks of work left to do: how valuable is any of this to me? With paperwork, it’s a more extreme cut: does this note serve a purpose that can’t be replicated? I don’t need receipts or some old school work. With any other object, it’s a more binary question of do I want to keep this widget or doodad?

It’s getting easier to shed the clutter weight.

Both physically and metaphorically, the more I pack up and the more I donate, the easier it becomes to say ‘I’ll never read this book on servers, get rid of it,’ just as it’s easy for me to say “I’ve still got to write and row today.” I have a rough goal of reaching 200 pounds at some point. I haven’t established when…

Maybe by the end of 2019?

Probably not. The reason why I don’t like long-term goals like that, or owning a fifth of my possessions in five years, is that that sort of number becomes a higher priority than the mindset. I want to be healthier and do more rather than have more. Weight isn’t directly determinative of health, but it can help, like obsessing over possessions indirectly discourages certainty social activities.

Instead, let’s shed the worst of both.

What foods can we remove from our diets?

What objects can we remove from our possessions?

What harmful mindsets can we politely calm down as part of a weight loss, decluttering coaxing mechanism to overcome certain self-esteem issues that impair our social lives?

Quotes: [1] This thrift store has been rude about receiving donations a few times in the past few weeks. I’ve emailed their corporate headquarters to let them know they should train their employees to be polite, and if it should happen again, I won’t hold back.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 230.0
Last week’s weight: 230.5
Difference: A half pound lighter. Still too heavy compared to my average of 225 and lowest of 223, but I’ll cut myself some slack for being sick.
Inspirations: I haven’t been exercising as much in late December because I figured I’d be burning off as many calories moving stuff. Nope.
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Written On: December 24th [30 minutes]
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