[Rowing Machine] 2019: Week 07 {229.5} “Rowing While Snowing”

If I weren’t borderline ill, I’d bring this mini-rower outside to take shots of it in the snow, and possibly even row in the snowfall, because it is the solution to a lingering question I’ve had for a few weeks now: How will I keep rowing after I move? While my loud, proud Concept2 Model B is an ideal piece of machinery, this humble, discontinued Precor 612 will do just fine. With some adjustments, of course.

I probably spent over two hours a week thinking through this problem:

Currently, I live in an area where I can row at any hour of the day or night. The Model B flywheel is loud enough to where you will hear it if you’re nearby, but considering that I got it for free, I don’t mind and the neighbors haven’t complained. This sense of autonomy is the biggest factor I will lose in this move, so I’ve been exploring possible options to reclaim this ability to row anytime. Getting a gym membership would give me access to a rower at almost all times, except gym memberships are expensive, especially if you just row for 10 minutes twice a day. Some apartment complexes have gyms, but my old apartment complex didn’t have a rower. I could also just row in spite of my neighbors.

Well, I forgot about this little rower.

I bought it on a whim at a thrift store that’s now a grocery store and put off to the side because when I tried it after I got it home I didn’t really like it that much. I’m glad I didn’t return it because it functions very much like the full rower, except not much noise at all, and I can even get in some different muscle groups. It encourages you to fold your knees more than I prefer, but my knees have been a little weak, and I’ve felt no adverse effects after the two sets I’ve done so far. I still prefer the full rower in almost every regard, with my biggest doubt being whether or not I’ll break the mini rower at some point throughout my set, but if I do, I’ll just buy another rower like it.

If I break it, it’d probably be one of the pistons.

I’ll use it until it breaks. It beats not rowing. I wrote this on Monday evening. It’s my third day of being snowed-in, midway through a snowstorm with maybe 8″ of snow in greater Seattle- a city without the infrastructure equipped to handle snow. I could walk to a gym if I lived closer to the city, but deep in the obscure suburbs, where the snow plows don’t dare go, I don’t have to go far to row.

Now that I think about it…

I have enough room to bring the Concept2 back inside.
Currently, it’s in a detached storage area.
I’ll do that when it stops snowing.
Heavily, anyways…

My spare bedroom, the office named Zeal, will have its last gym hurrah.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 230.0
Last week’s weight: 229.5
Difference: A half-pound lighter. I haven’t rowed much this week, but at least I’ve been more active, so I should see more weight loss next week.
Inspirations: Wanting to be more topical this week. I write many of these rowing essays in advance, so ideally, on Sunday or Monday, I can just plug in the weight in the title, then publish it. I give myself about two rowing essays for buffer just in case it’s a busy week or I don’t have much to write about. So the next two weeks of essays might refer to trying to figure out the option that came in the form of this mini rowing machine. Rather than substantially edit those essays, I’ll leave them as is, and if it’s confusing, well, sorry.
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Photo: The mini-rower with the rowing template overlaid on it. I didn’t feel like taking a full photo. There are some online, and after I move, I’ll figure out a place to set it up so I can photograph it more often.
Written On: February 11th [33 minutes]
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