[Rowing Machine] 2019: Week 09 {230.5} “Start Rowing Again”

If I’m honest with myself, my interest in rowing has tapered off over the past few weeks [as of this publishing]. I used to row twice daily, now if I row a few times a week, it’ll be a welcome change. I’ve let the discipline of exercising slip. Sometimes, it’s understandable, where if I’ve moved boxed all day, that’s one thing, but on days where I’m just writing? Let’s not use excuses about why not.

It’s not that I’ve become disinterested.

I’m almost wondering if, subconsciously, I’m adjusting more to the idea that there is a possibility I will lose my ability to row, depending on where I move to next. I can always buy a quieter rower or maybe there will be a fitness room with a rower? Maybe by skipping out on rowing sets with convenient excuses like this, I can avoid the eventuality that I will need to significantly change my lifestyle? Is this preparation for that?

I’ve also started to see the results I wanted.

That sort of fitness – being able to jump around, do more, and be up on my feet for nearly 40 hours – was my initial goal for fitness. Now that I’ve achieved it, it’s like playing a game to beat it, rather than become an expert at it. It’s a bad mentality to have fallen into, but if we’re speaking about the truth, I think that might have been what happened here. I achieved a comfortable goal where I can do a decent amount of stuff, and yet, I’m not even halfway to my goal.

There’s still so much left to do in terms of fitness.

I’ve strayed away from doing other workouts because my interest had never really been in the fitness process. I don’t want to get “swole.” I want to have a functional fitness that can allow me to do a variety of things. However, I’ve reached another fitness plateau. I might have even put on some weight after achieving my record low of 223.0 pounds. When this move is over, and not lingering in my mind with questions like “where will I live” and “how will I exercise in the future” I think it will be easier for me to exercise more often.

Those are the downfalls of forward-thinking, I guess.

It’d be better if I could just say: “Today, I will do X, Y, and Z. Factors A, B, and C will happen later.” That does involve the fortitude to prevent your mind from drifting off into unpleasant uncertainties. It’s unfortunate that my mind does drift to that which I cannot control, which I assume is common for everyone except the most mentally-trained in the arts of positive self-talk, but that’s probably why I haven’t rowed that often: there is a chance it will go away so I’m becoming less attached.

Stop that!

I don’t want to replace rowing!

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 230.5
Last week’s weight: 230.5
Difference: No change. I actually haven’t rowed at all this week, and I’ve been under an incredible amount of stress due to some factors, including legal paperwork and things, so I imagine once I move, and after I row more, I’ll decrease my weight.
Inspirations: Writing is my way of thinking through problems. Here: Why I stopped rowing so frequently.
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Photo: My living room after months of decluttering, which has been the physical priority for me, flipped so you can see the top of the mini rower; the big bar thing.
Written On: January 28th [20 minutes]
Last Edited: February 26th [brief edits]
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