[Rowing Machine] 2019: Week 12 {230.0} “Rower Must Go”

After adjusting to apartment living for two weeks now, although I’m not the noisiest neighbor, at least I hope not, I would be with the dull white noise of the Concept2 Model B rower. Although it is nostalgic, has a nice aesthetic, and has utility beyond belief, not here, nor in the next apartment. I couldn’t row at my full potential whenever I want with it, whereas at 11 pm, I could row on other ergometers.

I’ve debated on this for months.

Although one or two strokes during the day don’t sound bad at all, barely above a washing machine, dryer, or bathtub, for 10minute sets? It’d be a bit much. My current neighbors might not mind, but what if they did? I’d rather not deal with potential repercussions, large or small, when that risk can be mitigated through a system that doesn’t use a flywheel to push air through a stone slab.

Besides, I have a weird baby rower.

The pistons on a 10 minute set at 11 PM might squeak once or thrice, but it’s barely noisier than reasonable conservation. When possible I’d rather avoid being too noisy because respect now means respect later, I suppose, and it’s good practice when I move into cheaper housing or housing closer to the city. For both, the neighbors might just begin to care.

I should get a quieter full-sized rower.

Gym memberships are oddly expensive or at least that was my rationale when I considered a monthly fee versus a free rower. I might consider a gym membership now, too. It might be good to do more than row, but long-term Rowing Machine column readers will know I have no interest in other ergometers.

Treadmill, bike, climb? They’re not rowing.

Selling the rower will be easy enough. I might even be able to reach out to local sports stores to ask about if they’d buy the rower and pick it up. If not, I can store it until summer, and sell it at a garage sale I’m planning to run at a friend’s house. Meanwhile, I’ll need to do more research on quiet rowers and small rowers, too, since I can honestly be content with rowing on a small rower for a while.

Sure, I really enjoy Concept2.

Another Concept2 was the rower on which I burned off 60 pounds in 6 months. It was probably a Model C or D. Solid. I’ve rowed on other ergometers and they just aren’t as good for their price to quality ratio. Maybe there’s a good, quiet rower that I can use at 6 AM and 11 PM without disturbing anyone more than the quietest of individuals? By writing this out, it will help me figure out answers to these questions.

Maybe I can find an affordable gym?

On days like today where I stayed “home,” I wouldn’t have made the drive out anywhere. Maybe paying for a membership is part of the reason to go? I’m overthinking this. Still, it’s been a good rowing run.

Time for an upgrade.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
– This week’s weight: 230.0
Last week’s weight: 231.5
– Difference: Down 1.5 pounds, which is great short-term progress. Hopefully, now that the move is done, I’ll drop even more weight.
Inspirations: I wrote this essay while in the midst of book two, Downsizing Zeal, so it feels a bit weird among the Moving Zeal essays, but this book two is focused on dealing with individual objects, and currently, letting them go.
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Photo: My buried rower.
Written On: March 17th [20 minutes]
Last Edited: Cleaned up some verbiage on March 19th
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