[Rowing Machine] 2019: Week 13 {232.0} “Rowing in Apartments”

I’ve just about reached the end of this mini-rower’s potential. Ten 10-minute sets at the new apartment and its pistons and monorail squeak enough to discourage me from putting my all into it. No matter how much I tried variations – rowing outside, rowing while doing laundry, using the hallway corners as grips for my arms so I wouldn’t need to use the pistons – there was just nothing that could compare. I’ll need a new option.

I did no exercise today.

I’m also two pounds heavier than last week. I need to get this sorted out soon because I’m regressing in my fitness, being about ten pounds heavier than when I stopped rowing twice daily, and I don’t have a good avenue to release superfluous stress, which is affecting my ability to concentrate or even be interested in doing things like writing. The options, then, become finding a gym or finding a quiet rower; each with pros and cons.

Let’s start with a gym:

My biggest pro for going to a gym is not having to worry about being loud. I’m not motivated by being around people when I exercise, but having a dedicated space for rowing is helpful, which is why my former residence’s basement had a “rowing” space that I never photographed before we moved the rower. At the apartment, I’ve rowed wherever I can find a spot, with no good spot. For a third pro: I respond well to going somewhere to do something, so if I dress up to go exercise, I’ll go do it.

There are cons, of course.

Today, I didn’t leave the apartment. I didn’t open the door, having just got over a major headache that wasted a day’s time and two days of motivation, nor did I communicate with many people. I don’t think I would have been motivated to get out and drive to the gym to row once, let alone twice. There aren’t any gyms nearby me, and even if there were like there was when I went to visit family last September, what if they’re closed on Sundays? Then how would I get my fitness in?

This leads to the pros of owning a rower:

I would have the flexibility to row whenever I wanted, unless, it were 4AM or something. I could have that dedicated space to row. I could row on days like today where I’m essentially a shut-in, where I haven’t even shaved, let alone had any interest in interacting with others.

How about the cons?

I got this rower for free a number of years ago. No one wants an older, loud rower like this, so it’ll be difficult to sell, and therefore the investment cost for a new rower will be much more. But I’ve also got my heart set on rowing. Exercise bikes, ellipticals, and anything else all don’t do it for me.

Time to invest?

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 232.0
Last week’s weight: 230.0
Difference: Two pounds could have just been the ramen I had the night before, but considering my lowest weigh-in was 223.5 in December, I have some ways to go.
Inspirations: Now that I’m caught up on my backlog of rowing essays, I’m writing about everything in real-time and figuring out ways to exercise while in the apartment is a weekly high priority, but I guess a daily low priority?
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Photo: My creative option for dealing with this situation. While writing this, however, I came up with a different solution…
Written On: March 25th [30 minutes]
Last Edited: First draft; final draft for the Internet.
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