[Rowing Machine] 2019: Week 23 {229.0} “Rigorously Tracking Calories”

“I’m an emotional eater, too.[1]” If I couldn’t find a good rowing option for the short-term, I needed to address my fitness from the weight loss perspective rather than purely the aerobic perspective. Ideally, I like rowing twice daily. Until then, I must eat under 2000 calories daily, because even after I find a rower quiet enough for my oddball hours, I will have to learn to restrict my diet to prevent long-term obesity-related health issues.

My fitness charts are freely-available for reuse.

The chart above shows the results of my weekly weigh-ins, which although I tracked weekly, I just hadn’t applied myself to doing anything actionable. Tracking calories had always been a fool’s gamble for me throughout the years. I just hoped for the best and things were working out for me until late 2018 when I started writing Moving Zeal, causing an upward spiral of weight gain.

This all stopped at my contemporary fitness nadir and my weight’s contextual apex.

Two weekends ago, I decided to make a change and focus on counting calories. Develop discipline. If this meant fasting for a few hours, then, good. The problem with that is without rigorous accountability, I can fail. I’d been tracking my calories rather abstractly, with too much detail, until last Sunday, when I created a numbers chart during the process of writing my previous Rowing Machine essay.

I’ve since built out my weekly chart shown above.

Between these two charts, I can study my caloric ingestion trends, because I am an emotional eater. I’ll eat when I’m stressed out. When life takes me on wild turns of fate, food will help me relax in lieu of other unwinders, so I have to learn to manage that exposure to life more. Part of that is eating too much food can give superfluous energy that will keep me awake when I should instead sleep.

So I’ve been eating less and sleeping more.

I’m still looking for rowing machine options. A water rower might be too loud for the apartment-mansion, so I might look at a magnetic-resistance rower. I might try the gym located nearby work on Friday unless I’m too tired, and really, I’m OK with not doing any exercise for a few more weeks, because I’m figuring out my work/life balance. It will take time. I don’t want to tax myself too much.

I’m already getting more headaches than usual.

That’s just using my brain muscles until exhaustion. Still, if I can get my weight back on track by not overindulging in foods that are bad for me, then I can focus my remaining time not spent in the service of work advancing myself and my objectives. If I can figure out a way to incorporate my exercise into my schedule, great.

If not, at least I’m addressing the biggest stressors:

  • I’m not pushing myself when I’m tired.
  • I’m drinking over one gallon of water daily.
  • I’m sleeping between 6 and 8 hours nightly.
  • On days when I’m fatigued, I don’t push myself.
Quotes: Colleague. We ended up talking about rowing, exercise, and diet throughout our break. It was great.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 229.0 pounds
Last week’s weight: 235.0 pounds
Difference: Six pounds! OK, I’m probably not going to go that hard into my dieting next week. I want to maintain a sub-229-pound maximum going forward. 223 was my lowest of recent times and 200 was the lightest I’ve ever weighed in probably 20 years?
Inspirations: The charts are thoroughly documented. My writings this week have been mainly about why I’m so rigorous in counting calories. We need food to live. Excessive food is not something we need to live.
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Picture: My weight showed an almost steady decline until last fall.
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