[Rowing Machine] 2019: Week 24 {227.5} “Statistics Around Calories”

“If you cannot measure it, you cannot change it![1]” For years, I just casually monitored my calorie intake, and did decently… until recently. Investing the time in learning how to work with numbers in spreadsheets, even rudimentarily like tracking calories, has paid off substantially for me. Seeing objective examples is helping me understand my subjective reality. Once I start rowing again, we’ll see more substantial changes, although these spreadsheets are also reminders to be careful.

I don’t want to lose too much weight too quickly.

Intermittent fasting can be good to help break the addictive tendencies the mind has toward eating for pleasure or stress reduction rather than for nutrition, which I believe was the primary cause for my weight gain during the Moving Zeal days. I’m in the depths of another stressful period, having just started a long-term job, so I wanted to address the stress from the more harmful angle – intake of unnecessary calories as a stress sedator – while I figured out my long-term rowing options.

I might be getting a new rower for the apartment-mansion soon.

I’ve been noticing small changes in my motivation that align with my lack of exercise. When I don’t exercise, I’m more likely to want to sit around, perhaps in part because my body is more used to sedentariness? When I row frequently, there isn’t as much of a mind-to-body disproportion when doing things. Yesterday, I was physically and mentally lazy throughout most of my first day off in a while, where even when I wanted to do things, I was taking shortcuts and generally ready to get it all done so I could sit back down and consume media.

If my rowing options turn out well, I might be getting a new rower today.

If not, then I have a few options for rowing at a gym. While I can drive to a gym and back, I think as the trends of my month’s membership at the community gym showed me: when I had the time, I went only once daily, but once activities started to fill my day, I stopped going. Finding a good rower that will be quiet enough for this apartment-mansion and potentially my next apartments will be tricky. The only objectively good option is to have a rower in an area separate from anyone’s sleeping or living quarters, like an annexed apartment gym or far enough away from those quarters, so I could row at 4am and 11pm, if I wanted.

Meanwhile, counting calories has proven useful.

It’s just important to regulate that weight loss. While I dropped 10 pounds in two weeks, that’s not maintainable. When I burned off 60 pounds in 6 months 10 years ago, the maximum recommended burn-rate was 10 pounds per month. “Anything more than that is unhealthy.[2]”

I’m looking at burning calories by rowing like small passive income investments.

My main money maker will keep my finances healthy. Any extra sales or returns on investments will help me invest more money into more passive income avenues.

Quotes: [1] Peter Drucker by way of Best Guy Ever, whose video on fitness starts off with counting calories. (I couldn’t really find a fitness app that appealed to my own autonomy, so I just built my own. I’m sure his two recommendations will work for everyone else.) [2] I had a personal trainer walk me through this, and this was a common adage I heard both then and throughout the years.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 227.5 pounds
Last week’s weight: 229.0 pounds
Difference: A cool 1.5 pounds.
Inspirations: This is scattered between calorie counting, rowing machine purchases, and finances, so it might feel a little weird, but these all tie together in my mind. I’ve been tracking my calories and finances in tandem. They’re not directly related, but tracking both is helping me address where I waste money (or eat calories superfluously), so eventually, I can predict a good eating schedule and find ways to recoup financial losses. I know my daily and weekly burn-rate for living in the apartment-mansion. If I can find ways to receive passive income bumps that pay off portions or all of those payments, I can then live more comfortably, either here or in my next place.
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Picture: My calorie intake for three weeks.
Written On: June 9th [45 minutes]
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