[Rowing Machine] 2019: Week 25 {227.5} “One Rung Tighter”

I’ve had this belt throughout my entire professional career. It experienced my 60-pounds-in-6-months weight loss, where I cut out another rung. It experienced me gaining 67 pounds from that zenith of fitness. It is now experiencing me comfortably tighten it daily- unless the day’s stress is too overwhelming for me to consider its simple fitness reminder.

I had a stressful week last week.

Analyzing my caloric intake numbers, I can validate that Wednesday and Thursday were particularly stressful for me. I am more likely to binge eat as a stress-coping mechanism on days where I feel stressed. These were also the days where I felt slightly uncomfortable with a tighter belt. I am in this weird zone currently where the next rung is too loose and this rung is almost too tight. With another few pounds off my overall weight, I would not return to that looser rung.

There’s also a matter of balance.

I can’t fast too much too quickly because of certain health and stress considerations. I don’t want to become physically weak through this process, either. It’s just been a more trying time at work and my personal life right now than I would have predicted, and without a rowing machine to adequately physically express my stress, I must instead rely on writing to address the logical sides of stress, and physically by doing things that can increase my metabolism and ability to do more.

Coldly calculating calories can correct casual calamities.

Over the past few weeks, I’ve decided to disregard any unhealthy food. On my calorie tracker, I would mark these numbers in a bruise-like color, in case I were to “enjoy” a sugary candy bar or anything else with limited or no nutritional value. I mean, there is room for indulgence in my life, and these aren’t even “that bad.” It’s just by making them stand out as a blight upon my chart, I will be less likely to consider indulging needlessly, and would only eat such foods if it were a special occasion.

I am an addict to sugar and comfort, after all.

Given free reign, I would be as gluttonous as possible. I would cook more food than I could eat and I would make seconds shortly after. I’ve noticed that when I’m not expending calories rowing, especially, I will eat more. It’s like when I row frequently, my body knows exactly what it needs to sustain itself, whereas when I’m not rowing frequently, my body just guesses. So by learning more of the scientific aspects of fitness, I can achieve measurable results.

Measurable results like tightening my belt more frequently.

I’m starting to enjoy analyzing the numbers more of my caloric intake and output. Every week’s chart reflects that slightly so. I’ve color-coded each number on whether it primarily had carbohydrates, proteins, fats, or a decent balance of all three, where a sandwich with eggs, cheese, and peanut butter would suffice as equal enough.

Through these efforts, that rung should soon feel normal.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 227.5
Last week’s weight: 227.5
Difference: No change.
Inspirations: I noticed that my belt was particularly loose at work when I’d be sitting for a while then stand up, so I decided this past week to make a more concentrated effort to tighten my belt more often. It doesn’t even feel uncomfortable unless I’m overwhelmingly stressed. Then it’s a bit luxurious to loosen my belt.
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Photo: My belt in its usual state, minus my wallet that sits within it.
Written On: June 16th [30 minutes, WordPress]
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