[Rowing Machine] 2019: Week 27 {227.0} “Minimal Downward Vibrations”

“Likely anything that is quiet and not going to have a lot of downward vibration should be fine.[1]” It’s been 52 days since I last rowed. My rower is a great piece of machinery, it’s just too loud. My community gym is a good option, it’s just in a location that’s not convenient for going there then going somewhere else. An ideal option would be somewhere I can row at 4AM and 8PM without vibrating concerns.

I went to the company gym and did a 10-minute set today.

Its rower is tucked away in a far corner, with enough gunk on the monorail and dirt on the wheels to prove it’s never been cleaned or maintained, so I wouldn’t even need to mention the plastic grinding sound it makes on every stroke. I’d be fine with everything except the plastic sound except the gym itself is not located near where I work. I work in an annexed building, so although I could walk there and back for additional exercise, it’s still the same problem as the community gym – I won’t feel like walking or driving then rowing on most days.

If only there were closer gyms.

While I can lament the days I had a rower at home and could row whenever I wanted, or lament the days I had a rower a floor down from where I worked, what good does that do? The apartment complex has no plans for adding a rower to their gym. I don’t want to pay more money per month to store my rowing machine in a storage unit either nearby the apartment or anywhere else. It would seem like the best option would be purchasing a new rower. It’s just I already have this one, and when sound or vibrations aren’t an issue, it’s a wonderful machine.

I need to learn to compromise more in regards to my ownership of stuff.

Buying a new rower is expensive and there is the possibility that there will be problems with the new rower. The small rower I used ten times in the apartment steadily failed into inoperability. At least I bought it for $10 and used it twice in the old place, so it wasn’t a terrible investment. Those smaller rowers aren’t common. I guess I would also be concerned over disturbing the neighbors more than I already do. It’s probably not a big deal and I’m probably overthinking it.

I’m thinking about all this now so I can figure out the lowest-friction option.

On days where I don’t leave the apartment-mansion – which I try to schedule at least one day a week toward doing, otherwise, I can be left exhausted and behind schedule on my writing or editing, which prevents me from doing things I’d like to do or need to do – I probably wouldn’t care to summon the energy to go anywhere. Even if it were a 5-minute walk.

The choice is clear, then. I have to buy a new rower. Just one that’s quiet.

Quotes: [1] The apartment complex manager.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 227.0
Last week’s weight: 227.0
Difference: No change, which is weird because I’ve been under in my calorie consumption, didn’t eat much the day before my weigh-in, and didn’t think I was under a lot of stress or anything.
Inspirations: Mainly the email and writing about current events.
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Photo: My rower isn’t getting used.
Written On: June 30th [30 minutes, WordPress]
Last Edited: June 30th [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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