[Rowing Machine] 2019: Week 29 {224.0} “A New Rower”

A few hours after this essay’s publication, I will have a new rower. A second rower. I still have the air resistance Model B – a beautiful piece of engineering, with a great feel, which cuts through air louder than a washing machine. This new rower is, admittedly, inferior. There are things about its design I will have to acquiesce to using. However, it is quiet enough where I can row more than once a week!

I banged my knees on the bar a few times when I was testing it.

Its shorter form factor means its seatbelt extends out from a point lower on the rower, which even with decent form means I have to delay when I row so I don’t bang my knees throughout my sets. This will probably help my form, since I usually do hit the thresholds of bending my knees first and moving my arms later, but maybe not? Other than that, the only other problem I had with it was that I would have to plug its monitor into a wall outlet to get any stats.

Now it’ll be a matter of figuring out where to put it.

The Model B is tucked away in the second hallway of the apartment-mansion. I don’t walk through that path too often, maybe once every twenty times I navigate from the bedroom or storage room to the living room instead of through the kitchen, so it works, but as far as the newbie? It could go either in the living room or the dining room. If it will go into the living room, I’d have to rearrange the chairs and downsizing area to give it a good spot. The dining room might make more sense, except it’s also filled with too much stuff for it to comfortably rest.

The answer isn’t clear as I look around the area past my laptop.

I don’t think I’ll put it in the storage room because the downward vibrations might be disruptive to the downstairs neighbors. It might be nice to row out on the balcony on nice days like today, so maybe I’ll find a place in the living room. Wherever it goes long-term, it will be nice to row at home again, since as much as I was willing to try rowing at the corporate gym or the community gym, I just didn’t care about all the ado about going to either one. I like rowing for my mental and physical health. I don’t want to be impaired by the day of the week I choose to row. I probably can’t row in the pre-dawn hours I’m awake before I drive to work, but maybe after a while, I’ll feel bold enough to try and might find it to be not a concern?

Regardless, I’m excited to row again at home.

Even if I move to somewhere that has a rower, or they’ll let me row on the loud guy, the quiet guy will be useful for a while.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 224.0
Last week’s weight: 224.5
Difference: A half a pound and approaching my lowest weight since the last time I rowed and burned off weight – 223.0.
Inspirations: Originally, I wrote a more scattered health update essay – read it here – but today, I got a new rower, so that kinda takes priority. I wrote this with a nasty headache, so sorry if it’s not really as eloquent as maybe it could have been…
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Photo: The owner’s manual, abstracted.
Written On: July 16th [25 minutes; WordPress]
Last Edited: July 16th [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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