[Rowing Machine] 2019: Week 31 {222.5} “Focus versus Distraction”

Since getting the new rower, I decided to go all out with an average set length of 30 minutes per day. Sometimes fifteen, sometimes zero, but 30’s my target almost daily. I can be honest enough with myself to differentiate laziness from fatigue, so on those “off” days, I probably give even more of myself than on the other days. I’ve also been watching videos while rowing, which… is that cheating? Should I row meditatively silent?

I’m building up the physical endurance first.

Throughout my sets, I still focus on good form, so I can keep going without hurting myself. Yesterday, I noticed my knees were hurting in particular spots, so rather than watch the video, I watched my knees, and saw that I was crouching too far with each stroke at the catch. I imagined seeing my blood vessels through my skin, aching, so I dialed it back.

I’m enjoying the mental results most.

Yesterday, I experienced some frustration that ever so insidiously tried to undermine my attempt at living a normal life, which caused me stress that I carried with me on my drive home, and all the way into my set. I lost the peak of the frustration through my set, no longer feeling an urgent need for revenge, instead replaced with that sort of lingering disappointment in others, which is all the more tragic when your respect was already at a neutral state, just means that I still have room to grow in the art of not concerning myself with the quirks of others.

I’m still getting used to these sets, though.

Compared to my old 10-minute sets, these are different beasts. I feel more tired during the set. Sometimes I want to give up early. Other times, when I get into a good routine, I think about rowing for more. I want to see what happens after rising for 59 minutes and 59 seconds. Will it zero out? If not, what happens after 99 minutes?

To get there, I must train more.

While I budget my calories meticulously, I also look for trends. I’d been hungerer in the mornings than usual, so I’ve been cooking a skillet full of frozen vegetables along with the instant grits I started to cook along side my morning coffee. I should eat healthier still, but this, along with prepping an extra sandwich to eat before the drive home helps regulate my calories throughout the day.

I might make that a half sandwich.

Yesterday, the full sandwich didn’t do much for me. I had anxiety and stress, but that was ennui and disappointment rather than anything physiological. I’m feeling hungry now as I conclude this essay before heading into work. Recognizing trends like this is why it’s important not to distract yourself too much, but I think we are more than capable of some distraction. Watching a video while rowing isn’t like watching a video when I should be driving or working at my career job.

It’s more like listening to music while driving.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 222.5
Last week’s weight: 223.0
Difference: As I’m reading the 4-Hour Body, I am trying out some of the bio-hacks that Ferriss recommends. I am starting to eat a bigger breakfast when I first wake up. It is too carbohydrate-heavy, between coffee-dipping-crackers, grits, and vegetables, so I’ll swap the grits for eggs, maybe, or add them in the mix, too, since I was later cooking a can of clam chowder before heading into work.
Inspirations: I don’t like storing up writing ideas for the rowing column just because it should be more contemporary to my health each week. This idea came about as I was rowing more. For those interested, here’s been my rowing setlist:
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Picture: Screenshot of my humble collection of rowing photos. Also, see my Twitter for higher quality photos, except for the photos of the videos I was watching.
Written On: July 27th [24 minutes, mobile]
Last Edited: July 28th [Minor edits. Otherwise, first draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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