[Rowing Machine] 2019: Week 35 {219.0} “Drink More Water”

I’m not a doctor and I don’t play one on the Internet. I have studied physical fitness for ten years, read medical articles amateur and professional, and am a rigorous self-experimenter. If there’s one result I have constantly seen to improve or vicissitude my health, it’s my overall water intake. If I’m hungry or thirsty often I’ll be sick in close proximity. If I drink water, eat small consistent meals, exercise, and rest, I’m unstoppable.

My minimum is one gallon of water per day.

Lately, it’s been closer to two gallons, though I’m not there yet. I give people this analogy: Drinking water daily is like how cars need oil changes, except if they needed it daily. Our bodies accumulate filth from all angles. Our two primary sources of flushing out those toxins work the same way. Peeing flushes out the water in your bladder and defecating flushes out the water that binded to myriad waste particles in your large intestine.

Using the restroom is a decompression time.

Both physically and psychologically, in that the stresses of the day can relieve themselves in a forced physiological break. If you’re working on some intense logic problem and relieve your body, the mind often follows. We are not robots. Training our bodies or minds requires moderate pressure applied over long stretches so we can develop into the people we want to become.

I time my water consumption well at work.

I’ve succeeded at drinking a gallon of water by splitting my intake into thirds, correlating with first break, lunch, and second break. I don’t get leisurely breaks. I set my timer, eat my sandwich, drink up the rest of my water, use the restroom – it says it right on the tin, and with the time remaining, I’ll decompress outside or with coworkers.

What if our hunger pangs signaled thirst?

If you drank water when your stomach growled, your throat was parched, or your mind ever-so-slightly blurry, how much would that help? For me, it’s a subtle thing. I might not even notice it, especially in the short-term, but as a long-term example: I used to be really hungry when I’d tear into my sandwiches on breaks. I didn’t drink as much water because my bladder needed to adapt to my work schedule.

Now things are running smoother.

As a self-experimenter, without formal medical training applicable to physical, mental, or physiological health, I cannot make claims of certainty. I don’t have a formal lab. These are all colloquially subjective findings. If we can excuse concern then for rigorous medical advising, I have found that drinking more water has been my biggest advantage in terms of staying healthy, losing weight, and managing stress.

If I’m eating due to stress, most likely I’m thirsty, anxious, and tired.

Caloric intake doesn’t always help other than the pleasure of tasting something sweet. That’s the icing on the cake, but if the cake is shitty, it doesn’t matter.

That’s my amateur advice, brought to you by Dr. Zombiepaper.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences along with science.
This week’s weight: 219.0
Last week’s weight: 223.0
Difference: Woah! My biggest weight loss! Check out my Rowing Machine Sheets Supplementarium for exacting datum points and overall data presentations. I don’t count water intake but consider it to be over one gallon each day.
Inspirations: I’m not finished reading the scientific essays concluding 4-Hour Body, although I’ve completed a bulk of the book, so I thought about something else to write, and a day early since my schedule allowed some additional time to publish this a day early.
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Photo: A restaurant where I was practicing some photography with my then-new smartphone camera.
Written On: August 23rd [28 minutes, 500am to 528am, mobile]
Last Edited: August 24th [Science. First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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