[Rowing Machine] 2019: Week 37 {218.5} “Full Of S…peculation”

I’ve burned off nearly 50 pounds since the start of this Rowing Machine adventure in late March 2017. The problem is I don’t have much proof that I once weighed 267 pounds and now weigh 219.5 pounds, other than one weigh-in, some photos showing a heavier me, and my memories. I have less evidence of my “60 pounds down in 6 months” achievement of my early 20s and my 67 pounds up in my mid-20s. How can I still claim such “miracles?”

The proof is in these essays.

It’s easy to burn off 60 pounds. If you work for a company with good benefits and a gym conveniently nearby, where you can meet with a personal trainer, exercise on equipment you enjoy, and talk about diet, then the weight burns itself off. I used to change into my gym clothes after work, meet with my personal trainer, lift weights or row, and go home.

It’s more difficult to keep off the weight.

Yesterday, I wasn’t really overly anxious, stressed, or tired, but I was hungry. Maybe it was the big lunch I had earlier this week? My stomach muscles might have expanded to accommodate the mediocre rice, noodles, and plastic sugary orange chicken implications and needed additional sustenance to feel satiated. So I cooked spinach with mozzarella then dug into some “healthy” snacks.

These gluttonous bouts in moderation are fine.

When I put on the weight, I stopped going to the gym, meeting the personal trainer, or restricting my intake of calories and obscene foods. The weight returned so gradually, I hadn’t even noticed until my pants buttons frequently broke.

Now I can say I’ve burned off 19 pounds in 90 days.

My proof is my weekly weigh-in numbers, calorie chart, and my badge photo. My face looks thinner. My dress shirts, once decently fitting, can be comically inflated. My belt loop is tighter. I might even switch to my smaller pants size soon. I don’t have fat measuring calipers, weigh-ins by doctors, and I weighed 224 pounds on Saturday morning [I weigh in on Sunday mornings and publish on Wednesdays so I have time for publication] after drinking coffee, eating breakfast, then, well, you know.

Can I weigh in under my lowest weight on Sunday?

Oh, I’m writing this essay on Saturdays now so I can copy this text into WordPress on Sunday morning and even schedule it for publication right then if I’m caught up on my other essays. Does that process need evidence? It doesn’t. Weight loss is a more substantial claim, requiring more substantial evidence. I should start photographing my weigh-ins… I figure that it’s not really overly necessary to prove that I’ve burned off a significant amount of weight.

The “before and after” shots are the gold standard for weight loss success stories.

How easy is it to hold a camera slightly angled, digitally modify some pixels, and arrive at an amazing conclusion? You can choose to believe the aforementioned weight losses [and gain] if you want.

I’ll be focused on being full of …sustainable health.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 218.5
Last week’s weight: 219.5
Difference: My lowest weight yet, which paradoxically, was after a week of feeling in poor health, eating too much, and not exercising much. I imagine this has something to do with it, rather than my “fit” weight, maybe, I dunno.
Inspirations: Honestly, taking a dump. I had been meaning to write a casual review of 4-Hour Body and thought about putting it off another week, but then there was the one-two hit combo of “One Free Book” aligning with last week’s entry, so I delayed this essay instead.
Related: Past weekly column entries. Speaking of evidence, here are the stats I wrote down when I went to the community gym a few months ago. I just wanted to clear this file out of my queue so here it is, as an unrelated, mostly, footnote. Thanks.
Photo: My second weekly scale shot above, cropped, and my first shot, unedited, below to show last week’s weight. The screen only displays the weight for about 10 seconds, so I have to be quicker than good lighting with these shots.
Written On: August 31st [25 minutes, from 5:00-a.m. to 5:25-a.m., mobile]
Last Edited: September 1st [Minor edits. Otherwise, first draft; final draft for the Internet.]

My big goal is writing. My most important goal is writing "The Story." All other goals should work toward that central goal. My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame some fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. I'm not better than you and you're not better than me. Let's strive to be better every day.