[Rowing Machine] 2019: Week 41 {215.0} “Absurdly Attributing Algorithm”

There is a certain absurdism I loved when I was blocked by a business after being critical of their responsiveness. It was crazy to see! Here is a company that wants to uphold customer service and yet midway through our messages, I see I can no longer communicate with them. I wasn’t aggressive nor sworn! I did what anyone would: I highlighted the absurdity of the situation by saying “I was blocked for this tweet.”

They quickly unblocked me and blamed “the algorithm.”

I replied back that “the algorithm” doesn’t block people, but it was lost because I hadn’t included their username. Such encounters are weirdly poignant highlights in the realm of fitness. Say you go to a gym and they give you hassle, or here, where they only seemed to respond a few times a week. Why be patient? Why not just call it out for what it is?

Though fitness is mainly about physical health, it’s also about mental health.

We get clarity when we push through minor malaises. If we can cough up the phlegm that brought us down after a set, we can also cough up our thoughts on situations that happen both online and off. This company has yet to reply to my emails formally, so, fortunately, I had a social media platform where I could get more action.

I got a new working – for now – monitor shipped to me.

It just took more effort than it should have, more poking and prodding than I find acceptable for a company. I would not endorse their products unless they were to give me some sort of sweet deal. The build quality of the rower I bought from them is at or below average. I’m only continuing to use this rower because, in my apartment-mansion, I can row on it twice daily, and in lieu of a close gym with a rower, this will do.

I’m keeping my better air resistance rower, just in case.

Just in case my next housing environment can allow me to have a loud rower. If future housemates didn’t mind, or if I stored it in a detached garage, then I’d be set with that one, and would sell off this magnetic-resistance rower without hesitation. I could always buy a better magnetic-resistance rower from a different company later on, if circumstances changed.

Other circumstances have changed.

I switched over to working nights with only a minor cold. I’m still figuring out the schedule, sleeping during the day, and getting an adequate amount of sleep. I’ve brought some energy drinks along with me for that inevitable 3am crash. This schedule has, though, enabled me to row twice daily now, which I couldn’t do before when I had to leave for work before 4:30am – with an implied quiet hour ending at 8am. I could probably row during quiet hours, but I don’t want to risk any complaints.

It’s easier being above board, whether by not swearing on a public forum, or rowing politely, perhaps…

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 215.0
Last week’s weight: 218.5
Difference: Despite getting sick and not feeling well through most of the week, as it would turn out, by not binge eating, I burned off three and a half pounds.
Inspirations: I mainly wanted to highlight the absurd situation of being blocked by a company. It’s such a unique, novel situation that although it’s not really related to fitness, it is something too crazy to not comment on.
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Pictures: Above is the back of my old console with the questionable QC check and below is the evidence that I was blocked.
Written On: October 6th [13 minutes, from 12:33am to 12:46am, WordCounter]
Last Edited: October 6th [Minor edits during the digi-typesetting process, so, second draft; final draft for the Internet.]

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