[Rowing Machine] 2019: Week 48 {214.0} “Don’t Stuff Yourself”

The easiest way to not stuff yourself at any buffet, family gathering, or social party is limiting the amount you eat. If you only eat one plate, careful not to pile that plate with enough food to feed yourself for a week. If you only eat for a certain amount of time, careful not to stuff your face. That’s why I like counting calories. It’s rigid. 300 calories are calculating. You can’t turn 300 calories into 100 calories.

You could, maybe, through 200 calories of exercise.

I prefer not having to put in that amount of effort. I looked over my stats just then and burned 200 calories in one set, but it took me thirty minutes, rowing at a decent pace. I’ve lately been rowing 5-minute sets, so it’ll take me a few days to burn off all those calories.

Let me admit something.

I don’t yet know the best way to portion control while at any of those aforementioned free-food places other than through caloric abstinence. That’s boring, I know. I’ve found that to be the most effective route for weight loss, personally, because everything else is either at too slow of a pace to feel effective or temporary. Maintaining a good weight requires diligence. When I go to restaurants, I’m not this killjoy that abstains from eating anything, but I still am careful about what I eat and how much.

Each restaurant visit will be at least a thousand calories, easily, even for a small meal.

If I’ve eaten responsibly throughout the day, then sure, that’s fine. If I have my four utilitarian sandwiches at work then go home to eat some big meal, I’m over my calorie budget, so I can’t have much more than what I’ve allocated out for the day. Even when I burn off an obscene amount of calories, that’s usually less than I think, and I usually eat more than I think. There isn’t really a great scientific way to go about it, other than record the data you can, track the trends you can, and adjust your life’s circumstances based on your situations.

I usually don’t need big meals before bed.

I’m usually OK with just having something small to keep the hunger pangs at bay, and so that way when I start my day anew, I’m not famished enough to wish to restart the day. I may actually just be thirsty. In that way, what I should then instead focus on is making sure I’m drinking enough water.

Besides, for social events, the idea isn’t to fill up a starved body.

Now, I would probably just drink some water rather than fill up a plateful of food to munch on while networking with others. The last networking event I went to, actually, everyone in my friends’s group that ate the food got sick the next time I checked in with them. I was only sick for a day, another friend for a few days, and another over a week.

That’s another way to consider overeating.

You know how your food was prepared if you made it at home. You don’t know how it was prepared in the kitchen in some restaurant or someone’s home. This is obvious stuff for people with food allergies, but for everyone else, it’s tricky. We can afford to be gluttons and getting sick is just a bad dice roll. That might be why it’s so difficult for me to go to buffets anymore. It’s easy for me to fall back into my gluttonous habits of having two big plates with as much as what looks interesting on the buffet table.

It’s all “free,” too.

You might have bought your seat at the table, or bought a potluck item to bring in, but now that you’re here, the plate is free to be filled up…! My strategy for going to my next family gathering will be just to eat enough to feel satisfied. I don’t need a whole lot. I can sustain myself on sandwiches and then other items outside of work. The physical labor I do is minimal and it’s just psychological conditioning that we need to eat excessively.

I’m not sure I’d prefer post-food liquid calories over eating normally.

I do try to minimize the amount of time I put into cooking. If I can put it in a cooker, heat it up, and eat it, I’m good to go. If some spices make it nice, then that’s the best price for my calorie counting’s budgetary price. I’ve had my fill of all sorts of esoteric foods and exploring around on my lunch breaks to guess what I’ll have to eat. I still have the spirit of adventure in me for many aspects of my life, however, for food, I’m fine with the more plain varieties in my day.

I declined some candies at work today.

They’ll set candy on your desk maybe once every other month at any desk job, especially approaching the holidays. It’s easy to binge on these or other snacks, just like having a free table of food. As I’ve been sorting through my pantry to get rid of those insidious calories I don’t care about, I’ll bring them into work and leave them in the lunch room.

Others do the same with their excess food.

It’s nice to consider how often people share food at work and with others. I just think it’s important to maintain a level of self-discipline to say that, “no, I’m not hungry” when food is freely available. I live in an environment where grocery stores and restaurants are close enough to me where I don’t need much more than a three-month’s supply of food at home, if that, and this notion that “there’s nothing to eat” is just because we’ve conditioned ourselves to look for the tastiest food at all times. Embrace the notion that food isn’t all about flavor. It’s fuel for your body and not much more.

Don’t put regular food into your premium body by overeating.[]

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 214.0
Last week’s weight: 212.0
Difference: Up two pounds and I think I’ll be weighing more by the next weigh-in because I’m battling some terrible headaches [migranes, tension headaches] and related body issues. Discipline is not present when you feel like garbage.
Inspirations: I saw that this essay was going to publish right before Thanksgiving and decided to write about gluttony. I used to feel bad when I didn’t write about events as they were relevant like this, but then I decided, I’ll write what I want, and if it happens to line up to dates or relevancy, cool.
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