[Rowing Machine] 2020: Week 01 {222.0} “2019 Fitness Review”

Looking back on this past year, I drop fourteen pounds. Last year’s resolution, if you will, was to stop eating so much “fast food” – heavily processed foods with abundant calories, excessive sugars, and other badness. I have mostly succeeded there. When I’ve increased my weight, it’s because I’ve been inattentive to calorie counting, which I started in May. When I’ve decreased my weight, it’s because I’ve counted calories. What is my fitness resolution? Keep counting!

If I miss a meal or a set, it’s not a big deal.

However, I should try to record my calories daily and my rowing sets [I need to tweet out my latest stats here soon] as often as I can. My biggest cheat for calorie counting is just spitball guessing the calorie average of foods I’ll typically eat each day. If I have a bigger breakfast than normal, it usually won’t be more than a few hundred calories here, and that just means I need to have a smaller dinner. I’ve been overall doing alright at this, so if I were to make any improvement, it would just be in tracking the information sooner. I will forget to capture the information, at the moment, and when I remember, it’ll usually be while driving when I can’t record the information, or during an essay like this where I made a note to record the information later.

Would having a daily or twice daily check-in help with counting calories?

It doesn’t take much more than a minute for me to go into my Gsheet to update the numbers, but even that is a convoluted system. I might want to brainstorm alternatives that are easier to record. Trello is super easy to add to but doesn’t render spreadsheets or charts with any degree of ease. I would use a calorie counting app, but I haven’t found anything that feels right for me. That might be the biggest “to research” thing of the year — because if the tool doesn’t fit the job, it won’t get used.

Next up, rowing sets.

Now that I have a quiet rower, where I can row at any time [I respect the apartment-mansion complex’s quiet hours, even though you can’t hear the rowing, so maybe at most, it would be the rowing vibrations], I just need to sit down and use it more often. I just got over the worst of my cluster headaches, hopefully, for a while. I’ll skip sets if I’m not feeling well there, or if I can’t fit in a minimum of five minutes to row. I may try to get back into longer sets maybe toward the end of my day to unwind, but I won’t rush it.

Better to row short sets frequently than longer sets infrequently.

I want to try doing more stretches of various kinds. I have a sit-stand workstation at work, but maybe I’ll build one for myself at home, so I can write while standing if I want, instead of sitting in my chair. If I do that, then I’ll need to clear out more of the stuff in my apartment. Since I have two functional laptops, maybe I’ll build a standing rig and have the other for sitting? Especially as I go into writing my second novel, since I’ll be doing a majority of the writing within Gdocs, I won’t need to worry about using just one computer. If I feel like switching, I don’t need to buy an expensive desk, especially in the apartment-mansion, and can instead use either one.

Yeah, that’ll be something I’ll tinker on over the year.

I’ll know in about two months whether I’ll need to move. If so, then I should be physically ready for that. Once again, now that the cluster headaches are mostly gone, I’m feeling physically capable of moving things around. For the first week after wrapping up the prednisone treatment, I definitely felt hypertension in the back of my head and neck just moving small boxes around, but now I’m feeling better, so I just need to keep this up.

I’m going to try to get my doctors locked down.

I’m looking into getting two doctors: a regular primary care physician for the general health [including my target weight, bloodwork analysis, and all that] and a neurologist for the headaches. I’m waiting on my insurance to get back with me on both. The American healthcare system in this regard is not great, but I imagine other countries are either on average or substantially worse, so as long as my health doesn’t decline significantly, I’ll be fine.

I won’t be getting a gym membership or anything.

When I went to the gym a few times this past year, I only used the rower, and I’ve seen no need to try out any of the other machines. It may be good to get in other workouts. We’ll see how the year progresses. I like to be as independent as I can – if I could row at 3am, I’d be the happiest – but as a stopgap, owning a quiet rower and my preferred rower, the Concept2 Model B, are good options. I don’t know yet if I’ll ever move back into a house or lot of my own. If I live in apartments, then I should want to get rid of the Concept2, but we’ll see.

Let’s throw a wish for an ideal weight: 200

I’d like to get to around 200 pounds by the end of 2020. That could be possible – since I did drop fourteen pounds throughout 2019, and that’s about the amount I would need to drop further, it just will depend on how the year progresses overall with general factors that appear within my control but are outside my control – the headaches, rent increase, general health, and career health. If all systems go well throughout the year, I could see accomplishing that sub-200-pound goal.

If it doesn’t, then I won’t sweat it, just as long as I’m not over my current weight in December of 2020.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 222.0
Last week’s weight: 218.5
Difference: Well, regression isn’t the direction I want to start off on for 2020, but I suppose it’s fair. I want my end goal to be under 200 pounds by 2021.
Inspirations: Jammed on my thoughts about where I went in 2019 with my health and where I want to go in 2020.
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Pictures: The first appearance of the rowing template to save me time.
Written On: December 16th, 2019 [32 minutes, from 12:32am to 12:56pm, Gdocs]
Last Edited: December 23rd, 2019 [Some edits to adapt from Gdocs to WordPress… so… second draft?]
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