[Rowing Machine] 2020: Week 04 {220.5} “Amiga Clearance A03/06”

When you sell something, you have to be physically prepared for anything that goes your way. There’s no running portion of the buying/selling transaction, however in case things get dicey, you should know your escape routes. I bought a retro computer from someone and his wife had cautioned him about selling, to which he told her that if things got dicey, he’d just let the buyer [me] have it and run. Didn’t happen; coulda happened.

Instead, it was just a matter of last-minute driving.

My original plans were to go to sleep, wake up at my normal time, then meet the buyer before returning home to write about these experiences. I was already tired from all the headaches I’d been experiencing – and might still be experiencing as this essay publishes – so I wasn’t thinking at my clearest. If there’s one thing I’ve learned through my years of dealing with migraines, and most recently through day-long headaches, it’s that generally, I can suffer through them well… whether that’s a good thing, long-term, is debatable.

Still, I was in bed ready to sleep when I received an offer.

Since this is the third in a 6-part series, I won’t spoil the story itself at this juncture, so let’s cover the physical logistics of selling. As we discussed in part-two, whether it’s something heavy like this Amiga, or anything else, having an anonymous, clean, and big space to take multiple photos of whatever you’re selling will increase its marketability. I currently have some boots for sale that I took before I set up this table properly, so it’s just a closeup shot of them, and I haven’t got a single bite from anyone yet. After I clear out these computers, I’ll take some better shots of the boots, post them again, then command a higher price point.

That all takes effort and time.

When I’m stricken by headaches, the last thing on my mind is doing anything physical. I haven’t been able to row in six days as of this writing because of headaches that linger somewhere around the back of my head that seem to be inspired by any degree of blood pressure increase, or, exercise.

It’s weird writing about exercising while not exercising.

Yet you’ve been reading this far because you know my brand and aesthetic. Weirdness is all part-a the game.

So yeah.

It took me almost a week after clearing the television that had made its home on my intended dining room table [turned table selling random junk] to feel better enough to do anything related to it. Wrapping the table with clean paper took time. Moving the computer at axes to get multiple perspective shots took time.

Moving the computer takes some caloric exertion.

Not much, mind you, and certainly not as much as any moderate rowing set, but more than sitting around and writing, playing videogames, or suffering through mindbender headaches. When you eat a large meal to do all this, the hundreds of calories you consume don’t equal out the 1-digits’s or even 10-digits’s worth of calories you might burn, however justified that meal feels, and however well you feel during the expenditure of those calories. There’s a careful balancing act involved with that that I’m still learning.

Then once you’ve got an interested buyer, you’ve gotta move the item.

This was fortunately not heavy enough to be a major concern for me, and I had already moved it into my trunk when the rain was light enough to be alright, so once I got the offer to meet N-O-W, I didn’t have to do much more than get out of bed, clean off my face, put on deodorant, put on new clothes to wear out, and head out.

Fitness, for me, has always been about calculated preparedness.

If I can practice my body to endure light to heavy rowing sets, then I can endure the stresses of life. My body has tolerated enough rowing and life to be able to roll with those punches well enough to where I can, with a headache and fatigue, still accomplish the goals I set out to achieve. They just have to be motivating enough, in that sort of condition, to be worthwhile. It’s not that we don’t get sick during our 90-day probationary period at any new job, it’s that we have to take care of ourselves as best we can if we don’t have any sick leave, because one or two of those even if we absolutely need them too many can ruin our careers.

I’ve learned to roll through these mindbender headaches well enough.

Not enough to figure out a good rowing pace that’s light enough to not trigger a hypertension headache but still substantial enough to be worth the time, but at least enough to move a computer that I never used and sat collecting dust for 8+ years to its new owner. It would have been nicer had it been able to wait, but when my head isn’t rattled, battling headaches, I have the sudden energy to do anything I can, because I don’t know when I’ll next feel well enough to do it.

I was tired, but my mind was cognizant.

I was tired enough to not be able to think as quickly as I normally do, but my body was able to be present enough to make a transaction, not fall victim to any traps or ploys, and I made it home without damaging myself, my wallet, or my vehicle.

This is why I row.

I learned how to row probably a dozen years ago now and that physical and mental discipline has stayed with me through my fatter years and now my headached months. As long as I can still see out of both eyes, I can usually summon enough willpower to do what I must, so long as it’s worth the trouble. If it’s not worth the trouble, I’m going back to bed.

To foreshadow the next essays, it was worthwhile…?

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 220.5
Last week’s weight: 217.5
Difference: Three pounds up. At this point, until my headaches are fixed, I’m just going to accept that my weight will be a secondary concern. If eating helps calm my headaches down, you better believe I’m going to eat more. Sorry. It’s been rough.
Inspirations: You’ll have to excuse this weird cross-posting. This is the third in a series of six essays outlining a selling experience, so of course, since I write about whatever I want whenever I want, as long as it doesn’t suck and fits within certain parameters, I thought I’d jam on how fitness helps with selling. Turns out there was enough content here where I feel alright with the results.
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Photo: There was a major chunk out of the computer, but the buyer didn’t see it in the posting, and didn’t mind it in person.
Written On: 2020 January 03 [31 minutes, from 7am to 7:30am while listening to the FF7 soundtrack, written in WordPress.]
Last Edited: 2020 January 03 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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