[Rowing Machine] 2020: Week 20 {211.5} “Row Twice Daily”

I didn’t row this morning. Through the external fatigue of thinking about current events, even if it’s been far away from me personally, ramifications manifest themselves in minor ways, ranging from frequent, depressing news stories to interrupted life plans. It’s all tough to consider, so when I have the day off, I might sleep more to adjust. But that doesn’t mean I can’t row twice daily! My rowing sets just have to be hours apart.

I rowed in the mornings and evenings for optimal rest periods.

When I first started rowing, I’d row in the mornings and evenings to give myself enough time to catch my breath, and relax, before going back for another set. I’ve been rowing frequently for enough years now where that’s not a problem. I feel a little winded from the set I did less than one hour ago, but not overly winded, and could honestly row another set right now if I were given that opportunity. Instead, I have to strategize my rowing time because although I’m working from home for the unforeseeable future, I work night shift, so I have only certain windows where I can row.

If I were working dayshift, I could row on my lunch break.

I’ve had to rely on my rower’s fold-up capacity since what was my rowing area has turned into my work-from-home vocational area. After folding it up a few times and figuring out an efficiently quiet method for doing so, I’m comfortable folding it up and down before and after every shift, respectively, even if I’d prefer having a permanent spot for it. What that means, then, is I have to figure out the space for it, because my work-from-home area has turned into a good spot for clearing out clutter, and I may put my Wii Fit arrangement there soon enough, since the secondary monitor I use for work was also the TV I used in that former arrangement.

But those are all updates to the major thought here:

If I feel exhausted, like I did this morning, well, why not row twice daily still? So I rowed once when I woke up while my coffee was percolating, and then once a few hours later after I bathed, drank my coffee, ate, and after clearing out my editing backlog. That may be the strategy I adopt going forward, which could enable me to row thrice daily, or maybe longer sets if I rowed in the morning and felt like rowing longer in the evening.

What’s been helpful, too, is using rowing as a meditative session.

If I can count to 100 with my eyes closed while rowing, that’s about 3 minutes of time that I can focus on moving my muscles. My eyes have been much more tired lately, perhaps because really all I do is look at things like monitor screens and books, so I’ve been trying to rest them more along with trying to readjust them to farsight through looking out and around, along with trying to take more road trips. My “Sunny And Empty” essay is an example of what I’d like to do more often, especially as my anxiety over current events has decreased to a tolerable degree.

I’m still not going around to places unnecessarily.

However, if I throw out my trash, get in my car wearing my gloves, and don’t touch my face, I should be good enough. It’s difficult to say how things will be long-term, but short-term, I am still interested in documenting how our reality is changing and I would still like to find areas where I can get a good walk in. All the parks are closed, so unless I find a mostly-empty and open parking lot to leave my car for a while, I’m relegated to driving around until I find something noteworthy, which probably isn’t healthy from a sedentary perspective, but at least I have my rower[s], so I can row twice daily.

At least. I may try to row more soon.

For now, I’m focusing on establishing a good baseline, because I’d been so unhealthy for so long. Part of that is eating less food overall. I’m counting my calories more rigorously and I’m feeling the positive results. I’m making sure not to push myself too hard in that regard. If I’m hungry, I will still eat, but what I’m trying to do now is respect myself more when my body tells me that it’s tired. I used to be terrible at this, thus necessitating the twice-daily rowing thing in mornings and evenings, but now I know enough about how my body can be tired enough to where if I sit down and am inactive, then I’m probably fatigued enough to legitimately skip rowing.

It’s still a work-in-progress, which is why I still like the twice-daily morning/evening sets.

However, if it has to be pre-bathe and post-bathe, before work, and skipping the morning set, then it should be fine as long as I’m getting in that exercise and doing so responsibly. Now is not the time to burn out. I’m rowing to become healthier and not to overexert myself to the point of catching any sort of malaise, COVID-19 or otherwise. After I’m done writing this essay, for example, I’ll have about 15 minutes to relax, where I’ll probably play Axiom Verge for enough time to meander through some parts, advance ever-so-slightly in the game, and reach the next save spot. Not enough time to watch an anime, and I don’t need to take a nap, so since I’ve rowed my twice-daily sets, that will be a good reward.

I’m not hungry and I’ve drunk over two liters of water.

I feel barely fatigued, but I think that’s more because I woke up before my alarm and have been avocationally working for the past few years before my vocational shift. I should be fine. If not, then I can always rest throughout my shift.

I can skip that morning set if I need to, too.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 211.5
Last week’s weight: 211.5
Difference: I’ve stayed the same, but I’m OK with this, because I’m going through a rough patch in my health now – the essay was written in April before my health problems started in late-April – where I can’t exercise because of lower back problems, I’m waking up constantly in pain, so, hey, as long as I don’t overeat I’m doing well.
Inspirations: Rowing twice daily as I wrote about above was the biggest change since my last rowing essay.
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Written On: 2020 April 08 [10pm to 10:27pm]
Last Edited: 2020 April 08 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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