[Rowing Machine] 2021: Week 08 {217.0} “Aquarium Kitchen Nuances”

This was going to be more of a physical therapy essay – talking about how I’ve made some progress during my five visits so far, but this progress has been minor, subjective, and not immediately measurable – but I’m exhausted. My physical therapist is good. I feel like after striking out with all of the bad luck I’ve experienced over this entire period, finally, there’s someone that’s willing and able to help – even if it hurts significantly.

Do I did my physical therapy and just did some offline building.

My spine has been inflamed because of the complications from surgery for so long that any sort of movement has become painful for me, and, in new ways. My tailbone and lower back region is tender and extensive movement is causing me new pains compared to normal, so it’s difficult to focus on much. On days like today, it’s hard to focus on intensive conversations multitudinously circumventing thoughts on myriad wavelengths, which seems to be the norm for most people.

It takes patience to explain things simply.

So for today, I focused on three main things. ViridianJack stopped into the server, so I asked him to sort out an issue I had encountered in some earlier videos. In Zeal, the fourth-wall-breaking area, I have the Visitor’s Area where people watching live can sign their name and a message on a block of their choice. This area evolved into one where I would track the names of followers – and when my channel grows, I’ll add in subscribers, too, the difference being that followers watch for free whereas subscribers pay for additional channel-related perks.

I added wolves/dogs and cats, and people resonated with this.

Through this process, though, I left one of the dogs in a boat. This boat became the love boat. One dog hung out in the boat and after I gave one dog some meat, a third dog appeared. I tried this a few more times before figuring out that this boat was breeding new dogs, and, I couldn’t tame them since they had no master. ViridianJack helped me with this process and then I destroyed the boat to clear out the process. It’s unfortunate in some regard, since it was a fun idea, but, things like that get in the way of the larger over-arching idea.

Then he helped me build an aquarium for future fish.

I don’t know how many more fish I’ll add to the aquarium, but it’s a nice set-piece to have in the area, and one that I could apply to more areas. Probably not the Eville Medical Apartment Complex, but certainly Eville Medical, and certainly, other businesses could have them as well. The way I figure it is that over the next few days, I’ll make a document listing out the names of all the pets from all the people that have added their pets into the game. This spreadsheet will include the owners’s names, pets’s names, data about them, screenshots, and other information. It wouldn’t include overly technical data, but hey, this way, people can see their pets not just in a brief clip on YouTube or sometimes live.

These are things that I’m brainstorming out along with build ideas.

We started building the Zeal Kitchen today as well before ViridianJack needed to go.

Whenever possible, I like to give people the opportunity to contribute ideas to my stories, in part because it gives them a feeling of connectedness to what I’m working on, and honestly, sometimes it’s difficult to come up with names or layouts. He had suggested that this kitchen could be something akin to an all-purpose restaurant-style kitchen in restaurants. There’s the kitchen-only pantry for making meals, the pantry that’s open to anyone for grabbing a snack, the kitchen itself where I might design out some various high-end kitchen appliances, the counter with maybe buffet-style pick-your-own foods, and a sitting area.

I’ll build this out more over the next few videos.

I enjoy these sorts of nuances since they show a level of detail related to the map. When I write the novella, what I’ll probably do is, since I’ve given the tour to a sufficient number of people during livestreams even already that if I were to write it today I could come up with a good visual path for it, I’ll just follow the same path when the author-insert version of me shows Sammohini on the tour. When I think of how I’m going to write this, immediately what comes to mind is moving Zealie – the main dog of Zeal – to the entrance where these videos typically start and end.

Zealie will walk along with Sammohini like she walks along with us.

When we get to the Visitor’s Area, Sammohini will see all of the dogs, cats, birds, and even fish, and be overjoyed, as many of my viewers have been of the livestreams. She would enjoy hanging out with all of the animals, and, now that I’m writing about it after I built it, there’s a ‘podium’ of sorts where I keep an anvil and name tags for naming pets, with beef and cod to feed them, which I can expand out into something more than just a random column. While writing that sentence, I was reminded of a dog park that had a lost-and-found board, pegboard for advertising services, and more. I could turn that ‘podium’ into a bit of a hand-washing station with more animal-related props.

Building out elements like this seem like diversions, yes.

But when my physical health is in such bad shape that my spine hours to calm down after moving slightly more than normal, I have to figure out ways to adjust to my current health situation. By this essay’s publication, I will have met with my sports medicine / pain management doctor, another doctor to review my MRIs as a second opinion, and, possibly, if I’m lucky, start to feel better.

I don’t think I’ll be “writing this novella” “better” by then, however.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 217.0
Last week’s weight: 213.5
Weight Difference: Up a few pounds because I made some quinoa and chicken on Friday night.
Difference between writing and editing for publication: The MRI results showed spine swelling but the pain doc didn’t give a shit about that detail. I messaged my primary care physician and spine doctor to ask for advice – and I asked my PCP for a referral to a different pain doc.
Inspirations: I didn’t have 1000-words in me related to physical therapy.
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Written On: 2021 January 15 [10:56pm to 11:32pm]
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