[Rowing Machine] 2021: Week 42 {236.5} “Injections Before PT?”

I’m following up with my doctor tomorrow. My doctor gave me injections that have admittedly helped with my overall physicality, but have not been substantial enough for me to feel like that’s all I need. I feel like another injection in my lower back might be helpful, but I will leave that up to my doctor to decide, and there is the question of physical therapy – along with infrequent headaches I’ve had since the injections.

I just had a headache after writing that paragraph.

Let me try writing wit h my eyes closed during this paragraph. I have done everything that I’ve been able to remember from when I last had bad headaches to fix this one. My posture is good enough. An ice pack helped. My right eye has the same sort of pressure as it had before – bck when I had months of headaches that could have been the prequel to all of this. Does that mean that the headaches and spine pain and everything like that was linked together? If so, then that makes this whole essay series a weird tangential meander through one health condition – when that is fixed, then everything is fixed, huh? I’m sorry for the typos, bby the way, I am not giung ti ioeb ny eyes yuntil my head feels better. It will be weird if there are sentences that are completely illegible, but if so, then that means that I am not as great at sacially remembering where the keys are as I think – especially under the influence of a hadache.

My tailbone still hurts somewhat.

I imagine that with the [I opened my eyes to see some typos, but I’ll leave them in and I’ll close my eyes again] second injection, that might help with the rest of this-

My head hurt again there, but now I seem to be doing OK.

I am having trouble writing and concentrating. I imagine this is not part of the recovery path for me, so I will have to be clear on this tomorrow, so I can get better. The injections did help, but I would say only bout 40% to 50% better. This is better than the previous injections I had, both for overall comfort level and physical improvement. The first injections I received by my most-recent pain doctor helped but then the drop off was sudden after two weeks. I’m right around that point now and I haven’t felt that drop-off yet, but it’s been a more gradual improvement. Do I need something like that to happen with me again? I don’t know. I do know that it’s getting hard for me to focus or think and I am doing the best I can to pierce through the pain I’m experiencing to get through all these thoughts. I need ot get at leat 500 words down. I should add some more to make sure I reach that point, but I don’t have the luxury of a bounch of time right now to think about all the things that are affecting me.

Thiss is not a good feeling at the moment.

Hopefully my spine aches and headaches will be better by publication.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My fitness experiences.
This week’s weight: 236.5
Last week’s weight: 234.5
Weight Difference: Up two pounds. I’m beginning to feel it now, and what’s weird is that I’m getting hungrier now. That hunger could be thirst, or it could be fatigue.
Difference between writing and editing for publication: I met with another pain doctor today. The doctor didn’t have enough information to go on, so it was just a casual sorta, you know, hang out time instead of any kind of serious doctor assessment. So it was a waste of time, and, my health has been decreasing, too, so it’s frustrating.
Inspirations: Writing as I can. It gets much worse when I concentrate like this.
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Written On: 2021 September 09 [11:07pm to 11:24pm]
Last Edited: 2021 September 09 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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