[Rowing Machine] Two Four Seven

The mind, for most, has taken priority over the body. The advantages are plenty. Technological activities are sugar-rushes of cerebral entertainment infinitely more exciting than our drab world. Those with physical impairments can now join in, whereas even 20 years ago, social ostracization was normal. The disadvantages are also plenty. The ailments some encounter could result from our sedentary lifestyles. The mind/body imbalance. The wasted potential. The body, for most, has become a rusty tool.

    • My Weekly Stats:
    • Wednesday Morning: 50 rows that could’ve turned into 10,000 were I not paying attention. Exhausted my brain writing, then my body rowing: peace.
    • Thursday Morning: 50 vigorous rows. Skipped 2 rowing sessions yesterday. Walked a good amount and was drenched in sweat when I got to my spot. [Metallica concert]
    • Thursday Bonus: time 4min. 98 rows at a brainstorming 1:58/500m pace. 39 SPM [strokes/rows per minute]. 56 calories. All big puzzles ironed out. Now it’s time to act!
    • Thursday Evening: 50 inspirational rows. My belt has become loose. I’m going to start tightening it to the next rung now, thanks to rowing.
    • Friday Morning: 50 defragmenting rows. Figured out my plans for new posts in a notebook I’ve started and am still refining.. Rowing was good.
    • Friday Bonus: time 5min. 122 happy rows at a 2:14/500m pace. 69 calories. 24SPM. Max resistance. Wasn’t feeling like it. Went light. Happy.
    • Saturday Afternoon: time 5min. 168 good rows. My left shoulder ached at around 27 rows in, went easier and by 90 my pace didn’t let up until 167.
    • Saturday Evening: time 5min. 90 sweaty rows. 1-36 rows went strong, lightened up through 86, stopped for over 1min at 87, then got back in it..
    • Sunday Morning: time 5min. 1-67 rows were moderate, slowed down through 89, where I had to hard stop. Started up again and got to 92 rows.
    • Sunday Evening: time 5min. 1-69 rows were strong, maybe a little sluggish. Hard stop at 70 for maybe 2 minutes? Picked up again through 75.
    • Monday Morning: 50 good rows. Wrote about sleep this morning, napped for 10 minutes, then got in a solid 50 rows. Developing callouses, too.
    • Monday Bonus 1: time 5min. 123 solid rows at a 2:10/500m pace. 71 calories. 23SPM. Max resistance. Felt so good. Maybe I’ll go another round?
    • Monday Bonus 2: time 5min. 133 rows at a floating 1:59/500m pace. 78 calories. 27SPM. Max resistance. Round 2 was better than the last. No 3.
    • Monday Evening: 50 rows. Sluggish rows that didn’t quite get me to where I wanted to go, but it’s always better to get rows in when you can.
    • Tuesday Morning: 50 excellent rows. Had some nervous energy pent up and so I went the distance without any fatigue. Felt good and good warmup.
    • Tuesday Evening: 50 clutch rows. Down 20 pounds since March. I’ve documented all but the first week. Thanks for the moral support .
    • Vitamins: 6 of 14
    • Weight: 247 pounds
    • Last Week’s Goals:
      1. Vitamins: Need better plan…
      2. Weight: Noticing a difference
      3. Exercise: Doing more, feeling less fatigued later
    • This Week’s Goals:
      1. Vitamins: Develop a plan?
      2. Diet: Expand food varieties?
      3. Exercise: try more things?
    • From Good to Better
      • I’ve burned off 20 pounds since March!
      • I’ve given up eating pizza and burgers.
      • I’ve been able to do more “active” activities without feeling tired.
    • Sober Living
      • New section. Don’t like it? Skip it!
      • For me, living clean and mostly serene is an important part of fitness because it comes from that same mental space. Mental and physical health are intertwined.
      • I last drank the evening of March 29th 2013 just before a Clutch show and only remember glimpses of it. That was exactly 1600 days ago!
      • I went to another Clutch show this evening and met a new sober buddy. My old buddy moved, so it’s nice to chat with someone in the area that understands those stress demons.
      • After we chatted about sobriety, I said: “don’t fuck up.” That’s a good mantra.
      • Though I’ve distanced myself considerably from indulging in anything as a way to medicate stress, it’s still there. Writing helps. As does rowing, because the deranged stresses from others- the “stress demons,” are what I exorcise for the first minute or so in my exercise routine.
      • I’ve been subconsciously applying what I’ve learned in AA and life to my career. I tackle people’s emotional stress before their technological stress.
    • Photo: Counterbalance to last week’s Deadpool photo: Colossus lifting something unrealistic, metallic, and breaking the fourth wall.
My big goal is writing. My most important goal is writing "The Story." All other goals should work toward that central goal. My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame some fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. I'm not better than you and you're not better than me. Let's strive to be better every day.