[Rowing Machine] 302

Isn’t it boring that the English alphabet only has 26 letters? Isn’t it boring that rowing only has 4 positions? The more often I row and write, the more often I think hitting a solid rowing catch, drive, finish, or recovery position can compare with hitting a solid word choice, sentence execution, provocative thought, or decisive document. Is it boring that one letter can change everything or not hitting the right position can ruin your rowing flow?

  • My Weekly Stats:
  • Wednesday Morning: time 5 [minutes], 159 rows. Woke up with a headache. Realized I was putting too much pressure on my spine from rowing. Good to know.
  • Wednesday Evening: time 5 minutes, 157 rows. Tired, got home late, and overate, so normally I’d just turn in. Got to 103 rows before I needed a rest.
  • Thursday Morning: time 5 minutes, 162 rows. Great pace, weak form: tried not to pull too much with my arms and back. Guess that’s more comfortable?
  • Thursday Bonus: time 5 minutes, 172 rows! Pangs on my left back at 36, felt like slowing at 133, and after passing 150, I tapped into my reserves.
  • Thursday Evening: time 5 minutes, 118 rows. Kept a good pace, mainly using my leg muscles since my back is still sore, before stopping early to rest.
  • Friday Morning: time 5 minutes, 175 rows. Focused on leg muscles. Slowed at 82, caught my breath at 116, and ripped into it after passing 150!
  • Friday Evening: time 5 minutes, 204 rows. Kept a low impact, steady pace throughout, not focusing on “going hard” or fast, for a sweaty good set!
  • Saturday Gym Visit: time 17 minutes, 559 rows. Lost concentration at 465, and had to catch my breath at 559… for too long. Was going for 30 minutes.
  • Sidenote: This was at a manual 5 resistance. Going for a maximum of 10 on this Matrix rower for my next set.
  • Matrix Rower Mini-Review: Smoother than the Bodycraft VR500 I reviewed months ago. Could have just been better maintained? Interface was easier to prep before starting. 25 minutes isn’t enough of a thorough test to say for sure, however.
  • Saturday Gym Visit: time 8 minutes, 243 rows. Max resistance. Too many 1 minute breaks [at 58, 62; more] to go the originally estimated 15 minutes…
  • Sunday Evening: time 5 minutes, 150 rows. My left leg felt a little off after the 100th row, so at 150, I rested 30 seconds early. Stretching now.
  • Sunday Bonus: time 5 minutes, 174 rows. Went with good form, a slower and more intuitive pace, for an enjoyable set. It’s not all “run and gun.”
  • Monday Afternoon 1: time 5 minutes, 155 rows. Could have been 165, since I was so much in the rowing moment that I forgot if I had counted. Good set.
  • Monday Afternoon 2: time 5 minutes, 188 rows. Other than pausing at ~85 for a few, I kept a good pace, good form, though my lower back is tired now.
  • Tuesday Afternoon 1: time 5 minutes, 166 rows. Even after waking up dehydrated, drinking 3 liters of water helps: vigorous rowing pace from 100-166.
  • Tuesday Afternoon 2: time 5 minutes, 125 rows. Had to catch my breath at 36, had to rest at around 83, but other than that, kept a solid pace.
  • Vitamins: 6 of 14
  • Liquid Consumption (Liters):
    • Wednesday: 4.4 liters (1.16 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee
    • Thursday: 5.25 liters (1.39 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee
    • Friday: 5.25 liters (1.39 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee
    • Saturday: 1.5 liters (0.39 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee
    • Sunday: 5.25 liters (1.39 gallons), 1.5 liters of coffee, 1 cup of tea
    • Monday: 6 liters (1.59 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee, 1 cup of tea
    • Tuesday: 6 liters (1.59 gallons) of water, 1.5 liters of coffee, 1 cup of tea
  • Weight: 250.6 pounds
  • Last Week’s Goals:
    1. Weight: [succeeded] down some pounds
    2. Consistency: [succeeded] I’m counting this as a success even though I didn’t row every morning and evening because I got two sets a day.
    3. Row: [succeeded] all 5 minute sets!
  • This Week’s Goals:
    1. Weight: no weight gain
    2. Consistency: two 5 minute sets daily, excuse independent
    3. Vitamins: take more than 6
  • From Good to Better
    • Life is all about balance. Too much of anything takes everything else out of whack. I think I’m getting a better understanding of that balance now than before. If it doesn’t feel right in that moment, come back to it later, or never return to it.
    • One of the biggest things that limits us is our shyness toward topics. I’m now much more open about being a writer than even 6 months ago. I find more pleasure in writing, at times, than I do in watching average anime or ★★★☆☆ concerts.
    • When you invite some of your embarrassing inhibitions to the table, something interesting happens: they become irrelevant. People you want to hang out with can share in their experiences, and those who you don’t? Good litmus test.
  • Sober Living
    • My Penultimate Trip” was the result of a brainstorming conversation over future projects. After proposing “Soaking In Fear,” I opened up about my own experiences. I was exhausted after dredging up the memories and writing my thoughts in full.
    • It might be embarrassing to talk about some stuff from my past and it’s possible there are unintended repercussions. Who cares? If someone doesn’t dig the totality of myself, then it just would have been something else that repulsed them.
    • We are imperfect beings. Why should we try to dress up as though we are perfect? To impress others that can already see right through our feigns? When I’m congruent with myself and my flaws, I’ve noticed life can be easier with bountiful opportunities.
  • Confronting Cortisol Circumstances
    • I had to face a fear over something that had been lingering in the background for a while. I don’t want to talk about the details, so let’s just say after an open conversation over my concerns with the situation, we’re in a better direction now.
    • The nervousness over dropping a big concern never goes away, no matter how many conversations like that I might have with others. There’s always that sense of “should I be telling this person this?” Always. Never leave things implied or unsaid.
    • Passive aggressiveness is a tool that’s like “show,” not “tell.” After telling my concerns directly, and having those concerns ignored, “I “showed” how it was like to experience my concerns. I still prefer assertiveness, but it might be useful.
  • Disengaging from Stress
    • It’s nice having a fairly stress-free week where only minor infractions might be stressful. In those situations, I’ve found that not letting those stresses linger is the key to preventing them from taking hold of you in your most vulnerable moments.
    • If you consider your imagination to be like a mind palace, you shouldn’t let imaginary stressful people or memories in through the front door. You should have a mental fence built to keep those stresses out, so you can remain calm and at peace.
    • If that’s too weird of an analogy, here’s something more concrete. Let’s say you’re cooking something. If you don’t wear gloves, you’ll burn yourself. Same with stress. Keep up a barrier between you and stress to prevent those hurtful stress burns.
  • Title and Photo
    • I burned off 302 calories in two sets at the gym on Saturday. There’s a Zombie Frappuccino drink that averages at 290 calories. I won’t be wasting that time or effort on something hip just because it’s more in my wheelhouse than other drinks.
    • The rowing and writing comparison idea popped up while rowing, so I took a photograph of the current page I was reading of Constructive English along with Colossus’s barbells, since this week isn’t the weigh-in that Colossus represents.
    • I could have found a page more prominently displaying letters. The pictures for each entry on this website aren’t always direct matches. They’re more implying a mood, related idea, or in this case, showing how reading is like intellectually working out.
My big goal is to write. My important goal is to write "The Story." My proudest moment is the most recent time I overcame a fear, which should have been today. I'm a better zombie than I was yesterday. Let's strive to be better everyday. (Avatar)