[Rowing Machine] 50, Buck Ten!

Fifty rows in a minute and thirteen seconds! That shattered my previous record of 1:16, which happened after my best 10 minute count, helping a buddy move house, and working late to finish a review. I hadn’t pushed myself that hard in years! So this update was originally going to focus on pacing and the importance of having time off to recuperate mind and body. Then something I couldn’t believe happened.

Annihilated that 1:13 set with a buck ten!

“I have a hard time keeping up with him.” That’s not about me. That was said about my dad by a buddy of his that works construction, security, and regularly does CrossFit. While my dad doesn’t formally exercise, his endurance is off the charts, so I’d like to think some of that rubbed off on me.

“You are too good.”

That’s about me from my buddy that did 200 rows in around 6:30. Part of being good, if I may pretend to know, involves figuring out your faults and improving them before they fester. I’m doing well at self-improvement. Eating much better by limiting greasy and sugary food. What’s next?

“Keep your heart rate up for ten minutes.”

I’m focusing on that now to build endurance. It’s like how gameplay styles are vastly different comparing PvP versus PvE. Aerobic exercise, for me, is where your muscles are sore yet you’re not at the goal, whereas anaerobic exercise is all about getting there as quickly as you can.

There are three factors here.

Along with conceptualizing exercise as consistency, accountability, and maintenance, actually exercising should balance aerobic, anaerobic, and rest. Wait, rest? Aren’t I always advocating pushing yourself further? Doing the impossible? Working smarter and harder than others?

Rest, not lethargy.

During two days off from rowing, first to stay up late unhindered for the concert then for the move, I noticed an improvement in physical wellness. I ran up some stairs during intermission that would have otherwise worn me out and I wasn’t sore the day after the move like I’ve been.

“Just achieved 50 rows in 1:05.”

It’s on! “Did you want to collapse on the floor for a few minutes?” My current goal is 50 rows in one minute, or a buck-o, which might be some time away. What’s nice, though, is how completely focused you get when you exercise like that. It shuts out everything else. Active meditation.

“It’s intense.”

Pushing yourself that hard in any pursuit should come with a warning. Know when you’re far exceeding your limit. I didn’t go for my nightly set on Monday because 30 seconds in it just didn’t feel right. I also have a buddy that just had a stroke, which reminds me even more of mortality.

Slow, steady progress.

Eating appropriately is the best thing you can do to improve yourself. You don’t have to completely remove certain foods. If you enjoy desserts, it’s alright to give yourself a cheat, if you’ve earned it. Exercise is just the icing on the cake of your health.

Buck four. Your move.

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