Videogame Preview: 2064: Read Only Memories (2016)

Read Only Memories piqued my interest with a grimy futuristic city that could have been a lost Sega Genesis classic. I forgot about it after a bargain bundle in May, until a chance September meeting with the game’s developers at their PAX booth, and it is still collecting digital dust. The MidBoss crew insisted that I shouldn’t play Read Only Memories!

A bold stance and I respect their wishes.

They see Read Only Memories as the rough draft to 2064. Their ambitious 2064 is encountering setbacks for the Playstation 4 and Playstation Vita with no word of a Steam release. To paraphrase part of our conversation, ‘I’ll think about how a character would stand closer to the chair, so I’ll move the character three pixels closer, then one pixel back.’ I respect this dedication. I’ll similarly debate how a certain word will land and endlessly edit. I’d rather wait an indeterminate time for a game they know can be no better than one where they have even minor regrets.

Until then, I’ll play more of Else Heart.Break(), an adventure game with similar throwback vibes, then maybe any of the games like Gabriel Knight that directly inspired the MidBoss crew, or probably puzzle game 2048.

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