[Sober Living] Endless Universal Pain

There is probably no entity that would willingly advocate for the endless ubiquitous pain of every creature in the universe. If there were, that creature would be so mauled by negative emotions, unable to dispell them, that they would thrash out in so much agony that the results would destroy everything in sight. What a twisted, terrible fate! Yet, how easy is it to fall into that trap? It just takes a few bad days…

Life is a rollercoaster of emotions.

We want things to be stable, predictable, and boring. We want to go to work, have everything be chill and calm, and return home to relax. On the weekends, we might do something a little more exciting with our extra time or we might watch movies about others having exciting lives. We want to feel endless universal pleasure, contentment, and the excitement of being wanted by everyone.

That’s spoiled thinking and can lead to disaster.

Instead, if we accept the bad days of overloaded stresses, we can bounce back faster, and get back to equilibrium quicker. Taking a few hours, or a day, to sleep in, stay inside, don’t overwork, and reflect on the warning signs that caused you to need to take a sick [of the bullshit] day can help you avoid getting into that negative spiral that could cause you to lash out needlessly on those who don’t deserve it.

Stress reflection can prevent you from lashing out at deserving dastards, too.

If we can grace the benefit of the doubt on stressful provocateurs, most probably just want something, and they lash out at anyone that stands in their way. If that’s the case, what is there to do but just let them steamroll around your inner self-confidence? Why would you allow such a person to have such control over you? Why concern yourself with their inability to act rationally in normal circumstances?

Is it because we want to trust the fairness of everyone?

If so, then when we see them acting out of turn, we might assume that they are right in how they are acting. Maybe we are actually acting out of turn! After all, we’ve trusted that they are fairer than us, right? Let’s stop that. Let’s still trust that everyone fundamentally has a right to express their own opinion and to live how they want. It is up to us to decide if we’ll let their warpath affect us. Let’s be our calm in the storm.

That way, they can advocate for their stance on pain all they want.

The worst of these hypothetical provocateurs might even be that cruel entity advocating for universal pain – the kicker of puppies, the murderer of dreams, and the litterer of streets – yet, it is up to us to decide if we should allow that person’s opinions and thoughts into our inner psyche. If we don’t give this entity the attention it so cruelly demands of us, we can begin to overcome it.

That entity is insobriety.

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Sources: My personal experiences
Inspirations: A conversation with a buddy on the bus where we talked about a hypothetical situation about someone arguing for universal pain.
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Photo: A quaint snowman. Maybe deeply symbolic? Or maybe not?
Written On: July 7th [30 minutes]
Last Edited: July 12th
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