[Sober Living] Ethical Working Progressions

“We plan on keeping on going.”[1] Positive affirmations like this can go a long way. There are times when life is hard and you might be ready to give up. Using your time and energy to give back to people and communities can bring you more than it seems. Shedding the parts of ourselves that we might feel insecure about and focusing on the positives of others or ourselves can make any obstacle worth overcoming.

I gain new friends constantly.

I had felt drained the afternoon I wrote this essay because someone around me was complaining too much, being annoying, and subconsciously weighing me down. I sat off to the side and was eating a big lunch, including many tangerines, when someone asked me if I was interested in helping them out.

That was exactly what I needed.

Getting fresh air outside, in the sun, and providing even a little help to someone else took me outside of that mindset of being weighed down. Especially in an environment where people are creating things, offering criticism can be tough, but when it’s productive and positive, it can make for a better product and show that you actually care about their success.

I write to help others.

Whether it’s through a sense of learning about myself to share with others or to bring attention to the positive aspects of others, “ethical advertising” perhaps, there is value in sharing what you know with others. I have noticed that a friendly pat on the back will constantly soothe that itch that’s been needing addressing for days or months.

Wide nets of acquaintances are nice.

If you’re feeling a little rough you might just ping someone, or if you’re feeling distracted another person might provide the distraction satiation you’d need to continue on your goal. It’s tough to get that inside your comfort zone because, for me at least, I am not comfortable unless I am pushing forward in a direction.

“I’m always working.”[2] I could do more networking.

I like to think my work can sell my introductions, and the more people I meet, the less worried I am about minor nuances of character or trying to impress everyone. I may do what I can but I won’t sacrifice myself to serve others that don’t bring me trivial value like money or status, or personal value like self-esteem or connectedness.

It’s not just the essays.

Writing something like this, or larger projects, are ways that I explore reality. These are experiments of the mind where the more I can capture of external experiences or internal ideas, the more I can do with less. Fiction writing informs nonfiction writing, journalistic writing informs fiction writing, and any work can help develop your discipline.

Where will I go from here?

I went home hours after taking the photograph above, I’ll go to sleep shortly after concluding this essay, and in six months I might write this essay much more efficiently

Celebrate the past. Progress to your future.

Quotes: [1] Someone at the jam. [2] Someone asked me about something.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Just writing where my mind took me.
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Photo: My bags next to the window.
Written On: May 12th [38 minutes]
Last Edited: First draft; final draft for the Internet.
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