[Sober Living] Innocent Little Candies

It started with a humble blue one. No harm. Just a little extra sugar to get me through the day. They’re just right there, free; easy. These little candies are innocent enough to where, before I realized it, I was instinctively eating handfuls each and every shift. Oops. So much for innocence. When times are hard, stress is everywhere, I know subconsciously look for little moments of respite, positive or not. Is there a fix?

Better diet, for one.

If it’s an addictive disposition to maintaining sugar levels, then that’s even more reason to eat small amounts of food throughout the day. A decent snack and quick walkabout before stress builds and boils are more ideal than trying to calm down after the stress occurred. It’s just so hard to predict those sorts of things. You’re better off just scheduling your meals throughout the day, which is why I schedule my breaks and lunches.

If not, the stress builds.

What was just a minor tension, a feeling of lightheadedness, and a craving you know the fix to suddenly and subtly gnaws deeper into the psyche. It starts with one, then giving into temptation, it leads to more. Then it’s easier to reach for a handful because why not? It’s not like it’s really that big of a problem because it’s just one candy. Everyone eats them, nearly inconsequentially, and without any negative effect.

Yet you know that’s a lie.

You know that it’s easy to give in when you’re feeling low, and we all feel low, lost, insecure, and looking for something to make us feel better. It’s not that bad, either, this little bit of sugar. It could be much worse, and without venting through proper channels, it’s certainly easy to forget what can escalate. Not that this will be anything as bad as our lowest points, just another bad day with not much to show for itself in the positivity department.

That’s the perfect time to turn it around.

Swear off the candies. Figure out what you can snack on that won’t spike you up and drop you back down. Is there something else you can do, too? You’re not really all that hungry. You’re just tired and your brain is seeking a reward. Sugar is one of the fastest expressions of rewards around and if your brain is addicted to it, anything stressful is cause for reward. The trick might be then to replace candies with positive thoughts of your own choosing.

What makes you happy?

It certainly isn’t that little lie encouraging you to eat it. That’s just the symptom of a larger cause. Address the stress at its source – personal, professional, situational, emotional, or other – and win that battle over yourself. Reward yourself with something more than just inconsequentiality. Something bigger, more sustaining, and better for you. A life full of self-confidence, which, by the way, is something that no candy will offer.

The only thing that it requires is admitting that candies are dangerous.

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Written On: June 20th [30 minutes]
Last Edited: June 26th
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