[Sober Living] Libraries Altering Minds

Before I realized what I had walked through in the library, my head was already dizzy, and I remained light-headed for hours. Cannabis may be decriminalized and legal in Washington state, it’s just the worst of those who indulge do so at everyone else’s expense. They’ll openly carry and everyone just seems to look the other way. I’m sick of having other people screw up my brain because they feel entitled! What happened to decency?

Libraries seem to be the most common place for lingering cannabis smells.

You’d think it’d be concert venues. There will always be the occasional puff of weed smoke, no matter how many signs are placed around the venue like the one above. It’s just the better venues have enough security guards around the venue to make sure it doesn’t become a nuance.

Maybe libraries, public institutions open for everyone, should have similar signs?

I mean, I get it. People get high out of their minds and want to go chill in the library. Plenty of people visit libraries to alter their minds, after all, even if they’re going to read or study. It’s the perfect spot, too, because who gets kicked out of a library for smelling funny? Since when is that a crime?

Maybe we’ve traded public decency in the name of personal freedom.

I’m all for personal freedom, unless it affects others. The major problem with legalization was that it was too much, too quickly. The floodgates opened and everyone that consumed cannabis forgot their codes of conduct. They forgot, pre-legalization, when they said others were ‘harshing their mellows.’

It’s a problem when I get disoriented just minding my own business.

Though I’m in the silent minority, and it seems like an overwhelming majority of people either enjoy or don’t mind the smell of cannabis, I have confidence that it’s not all bad. Some of my friends are so discreet about cannabis that unless we talked about the subject, I wouldn’t have guessed.

I can summarize that confidence with one conversation I had with a band:

Hanging around the side of the venue before their performance was a member of the band [name omitted] I went to go see. I stopped over to say hello. During our conversation, another member of the band and someone else stopped by with a joint. They smoked and passed it to me.

I declined. “I’m trying to stay clean.”

“I respect that. It’s not for everyone.” They passed the joint along and the conversation continued like nothing had happened. Though it seems minor, that small gesture of goodwill remained with me years later, and should encapsulate the “live and let live” mentality that should have come with legalization.

I think we’ll get there eventually.

For every nine good and decent people that politely consume cannabis, there will be the one rude dude or dudette. It’s the same for anything, really. The loudest always ruins it for the rest.

We just need to express our frustrations more often.

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