[Sober Living] Tripping On Magnesium/Ketorolac

Doctor-Number-Eight/Neurologist-Number-Two was perplexed by my headache symptoms but we have treatment options, including magnesium. It feels nice to finally have some progress going. For a while there, it seemed like it was going to be an incurable nightmare I would have to live with forever. Sometimes, you’ve got to have bad experiences to appreciate the good. If this fixes my headaches, short-term and long-term, I’ll put in this work now and share my headache results.

This magnesium and ketorolac is a short-term fix.

The long-term fixes include doing legit brain and neck x-rays. The scan I had before was for blood clots. It was a good effort, but -Eight was perplexed. -Seven was probably in a grumpy mood and thought I was lookin’ for a fix. Sure, I want the pain killed, but right. I don’t want downers and I don’t want cover-ups.

If I need more magnesium, I’ll take it.

If I need beta-blockers to regulate blood pressure, I’ll take it. It sounds like this magnesium-ketorolac IV combo is a common short-term fix for headaches. I’ll research more but at least the immediate headaches have lessened.

-Eight didn’t recommend additional magnesium yet.

-Eight wanted to see the effectiveness of the IV drip and the beta-blocker. I like this sort of incremental troubleshooting. Better to see if there’s an improvement with one thing rather than blast it and figure out the difference later.

That might have been what happened with the prednisone.

When I took it initially, it was probably a fix for stress. Since my body has adapted itself to new stresses for only so long, now it’s reacting stronger to stressful situations. That might have been why taking it again and again was increasingly less effective. If a steroid fixes my brain’s reaction to pain sensors, after a while, those pain sensors get used to that old, familiar comfort.

My brain is addicted to feeling calm…

Maybe most people’s brains are addicted to calm, but mine and others like me, or us, have a more compulsive draw to that calm.

Maybe I’m feeling the relief of process?

This medical process is finally working for me. All it took was eight doctors and months of agony. No big deal… It nearly cost me my job… and my sanity… but hey, that’s life. When it’s subjective pain like a headache, they can only treat what you say, and you can only say what you know.

I am attuned to describing my symptoms now.

This essay series helped with that. Were it not for me trying to tell an anonymous public my pains, ironing out what was hurting and where, I couldn’t have held some of these doctors’s attentions.

-Eight and -Six were good.

I trust them, but some of the others, I wouldn’t trust with my health or anything valuable. Not even the editing of my writing! So now it feels like things are closer to getting sorted, and my current mindset is almost headache-free. The pressure is just barely noticeable right now.

I’m waiting for the beta-blocker medication now.

The spine x-rays took less time. I’ll check in later today after I get home and before I take that first dose…

I deferred the beta-blocker medication pick-up.

I’ll write about the details later, but basically, they told me it would be 5 minutes and after 20 minutes of waiting, I told them to send it elsewhere. Then, magically, it was done. Too late.

So here I sit with perhaps elevated blood pressure.

The pain has subsided overall. I know this feeling will only be temporary. As it should for this sort of medication. This isn’t a pop over and IV yourself daily sort of treatment. I’m getting used to the whole IV process, but I still don’t like it.

I prefer taking nothing, but I have to for now.

Since we’re talking about magnesium, float tanks give external and topical application of magnesium. It’s not as potent as an IV straight into the blood, but it’s less likely to cause diarrhea than the capsule versions of magnesium, and floating generally helps me relieve stress. If these headaches are all rooted in stress and blood pressure, then floating should help with that. I’ll hang tight and wait to see how things turn out with the current medication processes.

At least, for now, I feel back to normal.

I feel like I could actually engage in physical activities and suffer evils as part of vocation or avocation. I know this is only temporary so I’m doing as much as I can to manage and moderate myself so I don’t burn out quicker. I have more essays I want to write and publish, but instead, I’ll wrap up this essay and do some light reading.

Or even take some long-overdue naps.

That’s been the biggest problem throughout all of this. I got home late and figured I’d try to keep my sleep schedule, so I set my alarm so I’d get four hours of sleep, but I only got two. Whatever’s coursing through my body is still sending those pain signals everywhere, but it’s less now. Now I just feel the stress of possibly high blood pressure. At least the worst of the headaches are gone for now.

I would overall recommend this magnesium/ketorolac combo.

It feels weird having something stuck in your arm for 45 minutes, but I’ve had worse sensations over the past few weeks. It’s tough to write or do much of anything for that long, but it does seem to be helpful. I had the ketorolac as part of the routine emergency department treatment, and apparently its anti-inflammatory properties are similar to prednisone, so it’s not this super weird kinda thing. Still, I wish I could have the long-term fix that will enable me to forget all about this essay series and just write the fiction I want to write. Until then, I’ll write about my experiences and medications.

This is all the energy I have for now. Time for bed?



Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Writing about my general health experiences. No Jack Kerouac inspirations because I haven’t read anything he’s written yet.
Related: Other Sober Living essays and the “Tripping On [The American Healthcare System]” series.
Photo: The IV drip.
Written On: 2020 January 23 [From 10:08am to 11pm, written in various parts of the hospital, then at home. Gdoc for timestamp details.] Listened to Vengeful Spectre to finish the essay.
Last Edited: 2020 January 23 [First draft; final draft for the Internet for the WordPress side. Second draft; final draft for the Gdoc side.]
Addendum 1: The theory behind this IV drip combo is that it addresses the prostaglandins that might be causing my brain’s inflammation.
Addendum 2: I noticed a side effect of the magnesium drip was aggression. I felt like I was roid raging. My body temperature probably rose significantly, so it could be that…
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