[Sober Living] Tripping On Prochlorperazine

The first dose of ten of Prochlorperazine went down well. Doctor-Number-Seven prescribed this as a replacement to the Odansetron after mistakenly prescribing that, even after I explained that the intended anti-nausea medication gave me nausea. By comparison, I don’t feel nauseous one hour into my dosage. The headache pang that was knocking on the upper back left side of my head calmed down, but is that the medication, or because I’m writing this at home?

Day 1, Dose 1/10
January 19, Sunday, 9:07am
I feel just a little spaced out. Nothing major.

One of the benefits of having lived a brief period of my 20s under various extreme influences is that now that I want to live the straight-and-narrow, I know how to handle myself through various trips. Through this incidental voyage to cure or at least mitigate the pain of my headaches on this “Tripping On [The American Healthcare System]” series, I’ve endured too much sometimes, but right now, I don’t feel as awful as I did at work.

I’ve been editing, writing, and playing games for two hours, though.

There’s the balance between going to work to avoid being fired and staying at home to relax to avoid my brain firing itself out of my body. Management does appreciate me going in even while I’m in such an awful state, but I wonder, how much of that even matters? I have to remain calm throughout this entire process so that I can finally get a root cause to these headaches that have plagued me for years.

I got distracted there for a minute.

I wonder if being at home like this would be the best course of action to heal up? It’s nice to relax and let my mind mend through all these mindbender headaches. I’ll have to see what the suggestion for Neurologist-Number-Two on Thursday. I worry that I will be disrespected again like I was with  Doctor-Number-Two/Neurologist-Number-One. I received the insurance company’s official response to my complaints about -One, -Two, -Three, and -Four. As you might imagine, they express that they care, but they don’t. There was no actionable content or follow-up.

Oh well, what should I expect? Professionalism?

I prepped the rest of the essay and will read some more of Gray’s Anatomy to prepare for the neurologist appointment and maybe get some good sleep? I’m not sure I’d ask for this for long-term treatment, but at least this first dose of Prochlorperazine treated me better than most of the other medications lately, it would seem, so I’ll keep notes on how I feel – generally – after taking the medication, specifically in terms of whether my nausea that pops up in regards to an overactive headache calms down, and whether the headaches calm down…

Day 1, Dose 2/10
January 19, Sunday, 3:30pm
Waking up after three hours of sleep with nausea isn’t fun.

I took an extra dose today.

Considering that I woke up after about three hours, maybe less, with nausea, and couldn’t sleep well at all, I wanted to see how helpful this actually was. If it helps my waking state but not my resting state, then it won’t be good long-term, but at least two hours in, I can say that I don’t feel as nauseous. I also ate a lot of food.

I don’t feel tired or spaced out.

I wouldn’t say I feel better by a long shot. Now that I’ve sat down for the first time since showering and making a bigger breakfast when I have a guest over, well, now I’m tired and I don’t feel great. We’ll see how things shape up. I’ll take my next dose when I need it at work, so I imagine somewhere around 3am. I’ll write about the experiences, if I have any, when I get home.

Day 2, Dose 3/10
January 20, Monday, 2:45am
When I started yawning randomly, I knew I was in it…

I figured if I could get this sorted out at work, cool.

I mostly did, as well, except toward the end of my shift I started to see the cigarette burns of my migraines return, so the most this does is sedate my senses enough to make the headaches tolerable. I was going to write about how yesterday, after reading over the effects and side effects of the medication, I honestly got excited about taking this medication, because it seemed like this would be a good fix. It works on anxiety and has anti-schizophrenic properties? What kind of adventures would I cross into?

They actually weren’t all that exciting.

I had a good brian day at work and I could focus on writing things other than Sober Living essays, so it turned out well. I was super tired at work, noticed myself yawning, and sometimes closed my eyes intending to want to sleep until I had to do any work. Otherwise, I was more drowsy than my other doses had led me to believe, but nothing concerning, other than feeling like I was driving too fast and too close to others on the road. I don’t think I could take this long term – if it helps to mend my brain, I’m OK with it.

Day 2, Dose 4/10
January 20, Monday, 8:55am
Doubled down on doses without any downside…?

I took another dose just to make sure things started to kick themselves into gear. I’m not feeling too much right now but I’m looking forward to getting more than three hours of restless sleep than did before. I got more rest sitting at my computer, nodding off, after I sat down, after getting home.

I’ve been fine so far.

From what I’ve noticed, it normally works best for the first few hours, then I start to get the sedative effects, so I might take it when I go into work almost first thing, then when I start to get those sedative effects, I’ll drink some coffee to power through the rest of my shift. It’s too bad I couldn’t just rest and recoup, right? Gotta love the American Healthcare System and the American Employment System. I could have got Doctor-Number-Five to write me a two-weeks-off note and had it cover as a leave-of-absence, except I didn’t get my manager’s approval. Now that I have my manager’s approval, I can ask Neurologist-Number-Two/Doctor-Number-Eight for something like that.

I’m not feeling that numb yet.

I should probably head to bed soon now that it’s nearly 11am. I was going to go to bed as soon as I got home, but then I would wake up at 2pm or 3pm to maybe the sounds of my downstairs neighbors’s dog barking. I should move the fan that I play for white noise closer to my head so I can maybe mask that barking or the sounds of kids playing in the mild-forest of the apartment-mansion’s complex more…

Day 2, Dose 5/10
January 20, Monday, 10:15pm
I felt good for the first few hours, then, pain.

On the drive into work, I felt like I needed to take the next dose. Isn’t that addiction? Well, I felt good for about half of my shift. Then I felt dizzy, tired, and spaced. At least I was productive through the first half of my shift. Through the second half of my shift, I suffered, and wanted to leave early. My right eye stung. I’m tired.

Day 3, Dose 6/10
January 21, Tuesday, 9:48am
Shit, that might have been a bad idea.

I took the next dose when I got home along with my vitamin routine. I also had some Meloxicam so I took that as well, after taking a bath. One of these four variables helped. I feel drowzy. That’s probably the Prochlorperazine. I had enough steam to listen to two EPs and now I have a headache, so I’ll head to bed. It’s 10:15am.

Four Doses In Reserve…

So I’m writing this on the 23rd at 9:30pm.

I went into work the evening of the 21st and lasted for all of about one and a half hours before I started getting kaleidoscopic auras with my migraine. I had to leave work early. So, I’ll keep these in case I get bad nausea, otherwise, Neurologist-Number-Two/Doctor-Number-Eight is treating the headaches with a different perspective. Which, well, that’ll have to wait. I know, that sucks, leaving this on a cliff-hanger. That’s been my life for the past few months. I will give a hint: it’s a beta-blocker.

I won’t soon have any beta thoughts mucking up my system…

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