[Tripping On…] After Two Chiropractors

My health has improved after two chiropractic appointments this week. I’ve seen two chiropractors over the years and it’s not like I could exactingly spot the differences, but I can say that my second chiropractor is significantly better for one reason: the finer details. The first chiropractor, years ago, focused on cracking and popping. This second chiropractor is more concerned with moving the muscles around and I only heard one crack and a few pops.

I feel confident enough in my health to plan a livestream soon.

It’s hard to say whether my spine will be in good shape permanently, but, at the very least I feel significantly less pain today compared to three days ago. Five days ago was when I last needed to use 5mg of Oxycodone. I am in significantly less pain, and I’ve even been to one grocery store and picked up some new medication I’ll be writing about soon. Considering that I don’t have any physical problems with my spine, no slipped discs or anything shown on the MRIs, I’m surprised that I was the one to ask my PCP/family doctor about the musculoskeletal side of things, which led to this chiropractor.

I think we can both assume what I’ll write about the third pain doctor.

He wanted the insurance money from the injections and even almost accidentally said so until he caught himself. Would he have said that were I to have not told him that I was going to record our previous meeting? I forgot to tell him I was recording this meeting, but, as it goes when the patient isn’t earning him a fat paycheck, he was about seven minutes late. Imagine if the patient were seven minutes late… I actually web-met with him today, too, before the chiropractic appointment. I told him that I was making good progress, that the two other medications he prescribed didn’t help, and he said it was good that I stopped taking the anti-arrhythmic medication when I did.

Funny, isn’t it, that being critical of doctoral advice can be useful?

He said that too many patients will accept the side effects I did not – I had heart palpitations from the anti-arrhythmic medication. At best, it did provide me some feeling of calm, maybe, but it was not worth it at that cost. He advised I should flush down the rest of the medication, so I did, and I shaved off the pharmacy branding for later crafting use. I’m leaning away from any sort of cannabis use at this time, whether it’s CBD oil or anything, so I asked him if he had any suggestions for muscle relaxants. That’s the medication I picked up today, and other than being exhausted from the chiropracty and walking around the pharmacy, I was fine.

I’m feeling some tailbone pain, but it’s no longer as severe as it was a week ago.

Was it all just musculoskeletal? It’s still too early to say for sure. I will wait until I pay all my bills, archive all of my medical paperwork, and return to work before I call that the final diagnosis. It would be funny, though, since it points to negligence for multiple doctors. Their time will come. I’ll report them all to my insurance rep, and though I won’t publicize their names here or anywhere throughout these essays – since that focuses the problem to one or twenty individuals, rather than a collective whole – I feel like that will take care of the short-term [reporting them] and the long term [using their mal/practices as examples of what can be improved within the healthcare systems we pay so much for yet get so little out of…] sides of things.

I do look forward to getting back to “life as usual,” though.

Tomorrow’s day will focus around that livestream. I won’t be doing much more than that. It’ll be a rest day, basically, since yesterday I went to a supermarket to pick up groceries. That was the major test, actually, because if I felt like I did weeks or months ago whenever I went to buy groceries, then I’d know that I wasn’t making progress. I am, however, and it’s fantastic. My body is still too weak to do much other than walk around slowly, get groceries, and carefully bring them home. I don’t have the energy for much extensive activity, and although I probably could go back to work right now, I’d be so wiped out after a few hours that I would need to nap for a few hours to recover.

I have a follow-up appointment with the third pain doctor in about one month.

I assume that’s when he will discharge me, but it’s still too early to say who’s doing the discharging back to reality. The chiropractor said no. He said that’s usually handled by a specialty doctor handling disability, so I asked my insurance rep about that. The pain doctor has been aloof on that, as well, and my PCP wrote a note stating that he was deferring the disability sides of things to other doctors. Worst case, they fire me, for whatever reason. Best case, we figure out a good schedule to return back to work, and we do so in a way where I can actually work for an 8-hour shift without being exhausted partially through it like I would be if I returned to work tomorrow.

Sure, there are some luxuries for being off work.

But not as many as having the physical health to being able to work. If the past few months have been anything to show, however, I might be overly optimistic with these two chiropractic appointments – but, it’s reasonable. He didn’t do a whole lot, if I’m being honest. All he did was what amounts to deep tissue massages of the areas that were so tense that they were causing me overwhelming pain. I’ll be going back in two days.

That third session and next week will be the real proof.

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Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Writing about my life like this is useful in decompressing from these experiences, expressing them somewhere neutral so I can think of long-term and short-term ideas, and also, thinking about how my health is improving.
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Written On: 2021 April 28 [10:36pm to 10:57pm]
Last Edited: 2021 April 28 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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