[Tripping On…] COVID Shot 1of2

[3:40pm] If there is anything I can add of value to life, outside of my existence for my pleasure and the service of others, it’s in doing things to make the world a better place. To leave it better than I found it. I do that in things from livestreaming to edutain, or educate and entertain, and I do it in things like this. I’m writing this essay in my car before my first COVID shot.

It’s a hot Spring day.

I arrived early so I could write this essay both here and during the 15-minute wait after getting the shot. The pharmacy I picked was my third choice – no, fourth, but it was the soonest and the least hassle. Others required extensive wait times or their websites didn’t work, and for one, “just pop by” doesn’t work well with my heavily regimented mind.

I’m nearly 30 minutes early even still.

Before I parked, I drove to a nearby former thrift store. It moved but they also didn’t get much foot traffic so it makes sense. It was there where, years ago, I got some Marvel Legends toys. At this store, since I’m early, I’ll look at their toys. To set more of the scene of this location, this pharmacy is located in a slightly rough part of town. Things are a bit run-down, there are people that walk around here that might make some people feel uneasy, and, well, before I parked and started writing, two police officers walked into the pharmacy.

I haven’t seen them leave 10 minutes later.

Before I left, I had a successful livestream. I may be lucky in that I have regulars that pop by, but it was successful because I advanced in gameplay and we had some good conversation. It was a shorter commitment than normal. I like the longer streams because like my writing or reading, I can focus at length over something, but shorter streams are like this essay, where, I will write parts of it in various sections.

I imagine this prep section is all the “before.”

I waited this long to get the shot because my spine health has been poor for 13 months now. This is the healthiest I’ve felt, so, logically, I should make myself feel unhealthy, right? There is sarcasm but if I get negative side effects, my PCP says that means it’s working. So, I won’t mind. I did what I could, regarding reading and this writing now, so, worst case I go home, sleep, and all of my necessary tasks are done today.

If things go well, then, cool.

I’ve written many superfluous words outside of COVID because this is my context for going in. Hope for the best, expect the worst. There is nothing for me to gain by doubting the shot. Two of my friends caught COVID and survived it. I’m wearing the merchandise of one of those friends. I’ve seen too many news reports of people dying, people whose names I recognize or whose – specifically – musical talent I’ve appreciated.

Well, let’s go in; it’s 3:59pm.

4:37pm. I arrived early, as is best practice when dealing with medical tasks, and I waited for a while for them to get my paperwork squared away. Always remember your ID, but also, make sure to keep all of your medical insurance cards and present them promptly. Although you fill out-

6 minutes was all.

Two of those minutes involved getting to the booth and back. Sensation-wise, it wasn’t much worse than a flu shot. I was told to wait 15 minutes until leaving, but two people have taken the two waiting chairs. Although I am using my cane, overall, people don’t care about being more accessible. People are selfish, typically, and these are the sorts that might see someone with a cane and not offer their chair – I mean, they get the luxury of sitting, too, right?

It’s not good for me to judge them.

Overall, though, I don’t feel any immediate side effects. I should wait here about ten more minutes. It would be easier with a place to sit. I should not complain on this. There isn’t much else to report. I feel well enough to go home, prepare food, bathe, and then maybe even write some more. If this continues, I feel like livestreaming tomorrow should be reasonable.

I feel like I can go at 4:51pm.

5:04pm. The cops had left before I arrived. Nothing worthwhile in the toy aisle. This pharmacy did this $5 off promotional deal for getting the shot. For me, I am not motivated or influenced by money. I looked out past my dirty car’s windshield to think of that. I should say money’s influence is weak on me. But still, I figured, why not get some free energy drinks? They weren’t free and they don’t taste great.

160mg of caffeine is still a fair amount.

I don’t feel any negative side effects. Based on what I’ve been told by my PCP and heard, it would be better for my health to have side effects, but I don’t want them. It’s like having the energy to withstand troll-like behavior – better to have the energy in surplus than try to call on it and fail.

I’m ready to drive home at 5:10pm.

It’s 10:20pm now. I got home, soaked in the bath for a while, then got over to my computer to adapt this essay over for publication. I’m still feeling well, so I’ll go ahead and set it to publish at 10am as a special bonus essay since there’s not much reason to leave it to publish in a few months. I forget which of the two-dose shots I got. I think I remember which one, but, really, I think that’s mainly for the sake of competitiveness. If my PCP said any are fine, then, any should be fine. I prefer the two-dose one, myself, just because I figure I’m less likely to get sick overall by spreading it out, but I don’t know. I don’t have a headache, I barely have any difference in sensation in either arm, so I would say I don’t feel arm soreness. If anything changes, tomorrow morning, I’ll add something. If not, then, all went well. This paragraph took two minutes to write.

Now I’ve adapted everything to WordPress at 11:10pm.

Addition: The morning after, my arm felt about as numb as being punched, but, I also have a context of having had chronic pain for over a year. Friends have told me that shot “2of2” as I wrote in the title to first the three-word titles is the one to cause worse side effects, so I’ll be ready for that in early June.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Writing about my experiences.
Related: Sober Living essays and Tripping On [The American Healthcare System] chapters.
Photo: My card, minus any identifying information.
Written On: 2021 May 15 [in-line]
Last Edited: 2021 May 15 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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