[Tripping On…] COVID Shot 2of2

2:31pm I’m getting my second COVID shot, and although it’s less important for me to document this experience than the first one, for the sake of thoroughness, this second essay will cover my vaccination experience. It is a warm Spring day as I sit in my car. I’m nearly parked in the same stall. The one I was in before is now occupied by a minivan with a broken window, covered by plastic and tape.

This neighborhood seems somewhat rough but it’s fine.

So long as I don’t make any particularly bad mistakes, there should be no problem going inside in a few minutes, signing up, waiting for the vaccine, then going home. I had wanted to do more, but it’s been a rough past few weeks regarding my spine health.

Before, I took in a cane, now, crutches.

I anticipate close to the same sort of experience as I had last time, so I won’t repeat myself. I will say that the weather is nice enough where people are driving leisurely, which is nice, but when people forget that they collaborate in the whole ecosystem of driving, it is easy to get mad at them, but, that’s why I leave early as often as possible.

I had kinda wanted to get groceries and gas.

I’ll have to do that another time. This time, the trip might nearly be wasted, had I not brought out my trash, recycling, and a bag to donate. Some progress toward the eventual move-out. So long as I’m not stagnant in life, I’m moving forward. Let’s move forward in the narrative – it’s 2:39pm.

2:54pm The process has slowed because of the state lottery.

It’s a good idea to appeal to people’s greed regarding things like this. I would be interesting to consider how many more people would be entered to win $100 or $1000 in exchange for a COVID shot. If these many more people are getting vaccinated in exchange for a potential to win, what if they were guaranteed to win?

I generally don’t care about people’s opinions on COVID.

If they do want to get vaccinated, nothing to consider there. If not, it’s their choice and their risk. Nothing to consider there. I will continue wearing a mask when I’m out and about unless I am driving because face masks can help prevent my receiving of colds and flus, along with my giving of colds and flus.

Nothing harmful to me about some stupid cloth.

Those that are offended by it are disinteresting to me, overall, since they are expressing an opinion I have thoroughly considered. They can exercise their opinion if I can exercise mine. In the future, will that opinion still be prevalent? Is it harmful to allow these opinions to permeate? I think if opinions are given power through censorship, then they can prevail.

2:59pm interruption; 3:07pm post-shot.

I will wait here about 15 minutes before leaving. I looked around for anything I might want to buy. In a few minutes, I might stop writing to look for a beard/hair trimmer to replace my current, dying one. If not here, then elsewhere. This pharmacy offered a $5 off coupon but there was some miscommunication so I’ll have to ask about that before I leave, whether I buy or don’t buy anything today.

I do feel ok so far.

But I still need to get home, cook food, bathe, and continue along my day. Last time, I felt like I was punched in the arm when I woke up the next morning, so there is that to potentially look forward to tomorrow morning. What I’ll do, then, is write this for the next day or two, or until I’m bored with monitoring any side effects.

I feel ready to walk out at 3:12pm.

8:48pm and I’m at home, bathed, napped, fed, and feeling ok. A bit of a headache started on the drive home, but I imagine that is tension from overexertion. I’ll have to rest for the rest of the day. I things go well, then I might stream tomorrow. I’m not sure. It’s 8:49pm on Saturday, June 5.

I’m writing this on June 6 at 9:23pm.

I just copied everything over from the text document I wrote in so this is all within WordPress now. I was talking with Breazu and a livestream chatter about COVID shot side effects. Breazu said that he felt fine the first day other than the “punch” that I felt myself for the first shot and second, then felt fatigued the second, and was fine after that. I feel a bit of a headache fatigue starting to set in now that I’m actively thinking about writing and doing this sort of work, but it’s alright.

I’ll probably take it easy tomorrow, even though I didn’t today.

I woke up after a few hours of sleep, perhaps because I didn’t pee enough before bed, so I woke up early and did a livestream. It was fun and I enjoyed it overall, so it was worthwhile. Better than staying asleep, I’d say. After the livestream, I slept, and woke up feeling well enough. I’ll keep this writing open until tomorrow to see if there’s anything else I should add. If not, I’ll publish this as-is for a Monday afternoon publication, maybe? It’s 9:27pm now.

It’s 10:24pm on June 07.

The “punch” sensation is gone but I was tired through most of the day. I imagine that it’s the effect of the vaccine going through my body, but let me tell you, as someone that’s dealt with long-term health issues for so long, it felt not substantially worse than anything else I’ve experienced. I guess if it takes two days before my buddy Breazu and I both got brunt of it, if you get it on a Friday afternoon, expect your Sunday to be wiped, like I got mine on this past Saturday afternoon and my Monday was wiped.

Otherwise, at 10:26pm, it’s all good and this essay is fit to print.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Writing about this sort of information is valuable to give out subjective information and to destigmatize the idea of getting this vaccine.
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Photo: My COVID card before I folded it up and put it in along with my ID in my wallet, with any identifying information obscured.
Written On: 2021 June 05 06 07 [see above]
Last Edited: 2020 June 07 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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