[Tripping On…] Day After Chiropracty

I had my first chiropractic appointment yesterday after months of following other routes, and, I feel confident about this. So confident, in fact, that I’d rather not deal with the third pain management doctor much again, outside of a meeting I’ll have with him tomorrow before my second chiropractic appointment. I felt much better after having my muscles moved around than I did with the injections or any of the pain management medications prescribed yet.

The pain doc meeting might be to close that door.

Over the past few days, I was able to finally – after 12 months – be able to communicate with a health insurance rep that treats me with respect, has some level of literacy and competency, and well, isn’t an embarrassment to the American Healthcare System. I wouldn’t mind so much if I didn’t have to pay so much into this system. If it was free, then, maybe, yeah, whatever. Take your time, don’t give a shit, and as the previous rep had done – don’t answer my questions, but pretend to do so.

I reported the pain doctor’s antidepressant pushing to my new rep.

It was a nice interaction, too. Rather than having to fill out an extensive document detailing the nature of my complaint, I was just asked if I wanted my name attached to the complaint. 100% yes. So much so that I believe I’ll tell him directly tomorrow that I complained about his pushing during our meeting tomorrow. I’m not sure how exactly it will go. I don’t have any major questions to ask him, and now that I’ve got more positive results from the chiropractor than his injections or any of his bunk medications, I don’t see much of a point in seeing him again – or his “Functional Restoration” program. I don’t need to be part of an extensive workshop at the cost of over $800 helping me cope with pain – I need the pain removed.

Yesterday’s chiropractic appointment reduced the pain significantly.

So much so that between massaging some muscles into place and stretching other muscles to their hurting point, but not enough to cause any sort of lasting harm, I was able to buy groceries today. I took two trips down, then up, then down, then up from my car to retrieve all of my groceries and I didn’t even need to take any Oxycodone or other pain management medication! It’s been three days since I took any Oxycodone – and that was 5mg. I’d say that’s progress! I didn’t need to take anything after I got home. After I put away the groceries, ate the take-out food I bought, bathed, then went to sleep.

Imagine if my progress only improved from here?

What if the health problems that plagued me so over so many months could be narrowed down to muscle issues that pooled at my tailbone? There would be no way for me to have known that over this past year, but, it would be a nice conclusion to all of these problems. For one, I won’t need to spend another $500 for injections that wouldn’t help and $800 for materials I could read in books. For two, I could get back to living normally and working sooner. Rather than waiting for that injection appointment – which could be several weeks – and the $800-class – which would be a few months away – I can begin to see some immediate and real difference in my physicality.

It’s so nice to feel like I can live a regular life again.

Let’s say this continues over the next few months, and I am able to return to work and living normally. This 12-plus-month experience will be something I’ll carry with me forever, not as an Albatross, but as a reminder to not take life for granted. There will be some opportunities where I may lift heavy objects again. I’ll want to exercise again. Rather than fear these events, I’ll think “what if moving this wrong causes me back problems?” That sort of forethought can be useful for me and for you, as well. As I look around the apartment-mansion, there are some objects that would be painful to move wrong. Ideally, I would like to downsize most of those objects, so when I move out, the process will be easier and less strenuous.

The process can start with smaller objects, too.

As I wrote about, about a week ago, outlining my garbage can and my processes for throwing out trash and recycling, now I have a spot for objects I want to donate or otherwise get rid of, and I’m slowly moving those objects into my trunk to donate when I can. If I was able to go buy groceries, push a shopping cart – I left my cane in my trunk, and bring them up without much problem, then, soon, I could do the same with donations of myriad sorts. It’s not this huge deal, but, clearing out small things can be big toward cleaning the peace of mind that had been so stuck for so long.

I’ll be donating a book I read for 5 minutes before getting bored.

That book was something that piqued my curiosity since it was about reading, but its premise started with the idea that book-reading is sacred, and, that’s the other thing I’ve learned over this past year. It’s not so much “nothing is sacred” as much as I don’t trust the unknown as much now. I trust calculable results. If the chiropractor provided better objective results than the third pain doctor, then, I’ll go with the chiropractor. I think too many of us still would want to trust that third pain doctor because, well, he’s an authority, right? As I mentally review our previous conversation, where he said there was no fourth option to treating pain besides antidepressants, antiarrhythmics, and nerve blockers, well, buddy, I hate to teach you this, but, there are many ways to treat pain.

Including getting rid of people in your life that won’t help you get pain relief.

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Written On: 2021 April 27 [10:49pm to 11:15pm]
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