[Tripping On…] Expensiveness Of Healthcare

“Disgustingly expensive. This should be closer to free.[1]” It’s unfortunate, though, that as long as there are areas for profit, there are those who will exploit that profit, even for someone as ubiquitous as public health. How many people at this, and other companies, get sick each year for insufficient Vitamin C consumption? How many people die? How many people are forced to pay expensive prices for subpar medical insurance – or, can’t even afford it?

It might seem like I’m an advocate for some wide-sweeping healthcare changes.

There seems to be no “perfect” healthcare system. I’ve heard good things about the inexpensiveness and thoroughness of the healthcare in some countries that people in America might scoff at because ‘it’s not American.’ Well, the American Healthcare System has treated me like garbage, so I’m not exactly left impressed. From how I understand the healthcare systems in countries like Canada or the UK, sure, the healthcare might be cheaper or free but then you have to wait longer or are denied. The diversity of life, with people all having differing opinions on what they want from their government’s healthcare systems, leads to this on a local and national level.

If I’m advocating for anything, it’s that your healthcare matters.

You shouldn’t have to “live with it” just because it’s a pain in the ass to set up the appointment. You shouldn’t have to go bankrupt to fix a physical issue. Your mental health issues are valid and shouldn’t be ignored. Throughout my own experiences, expressing them openly and honestly, I’ve met many more people than I ever could have begun to comprehend that have all told me, either briefly or at length, that they, too, have been fucked by their country or local healthcare systems. Outside of acute care over obvious physical issues, it seems like healthcare systems systematically get things wrong more often than not. Why is it that we just accept this? Is it for the same reason that we just accept that vitamins are super expensive?

Is it just easier to accept defeat than to challenge ourselves for success?

I suppose that it would be easier for me to not write stuff like this since it somewhat puts a target on my back. I don’t care. I write and for the past near-year, I couldn’t write fiction because I was experiencing chronic, daily pain. Today was the first day where my pain levels were basically at 0/10, and, I even went to the supermarket to pick up some groceries. Along the way, I noticed this, but continued slowly pushing my cart to collect some food that I could cool throughout the next week, and when I returned back to this audacity of healthcare gone awry, I took a picture to preserve its memory. How dare Airborne use this time of global crisis, during the COVID-19 pandemic, to sell high-priced supplements that could possibly help people? Of course, when I looked at their Wikipedia page, I saw that they were probably just throwing darts at the wall in terms of public health, but this is a good example of how it’s like in America.

Were it not for my insurance, I would have paid thousands of more dollars in healthcare.

My medications, most of which didn’t help, would have cost hundreds of dollars more. My doctors’s visits, especially to the ones that saw paychecks and not patients, would have been significantly more expensive. I would have been wiped out, financially, physically, and mentally, dealing with all of this shit. So I completely understand why no one else has written this much decrying the American Healthcare System. By the time I’m done, I will probably have written close to a half-million words on the topic, before I even go about sifting through the many essays I’ve written to find the gold to then edit into a series of essays published in an exacting bullet at the heart of the American Healthcare System. I don’t know its specific guidelines yet, and I don’t even know of an essay like this will appear in that publication, but, if I’ve learned anything about life as it applies to creativity, it’s easier to worry about the final draft after you have a first draft.

Most of these essays will remain as ‘first draft; final draft’ for that reason.

When I work on second or third drafts, that’s when I take the time to bring out the nuance and the details. I would do more fact-checking, other than relying on my own experiences of the events, which would lead to an interesting appendix of supplemental documentation. When I write these essays, there are times when I might call out certain companies or people, but the problem with that is it limits the overall argument. You shut down Airborne, then another company is going to take its place to sell overpriced herbal supplements that probably don’t even work. Instead, I want to argue for the societal critical analysis of things like this. Is this OK? Do you feel comfortable with the idea that a company is profiting on the fright of poor health? If so, carry on. If not, then, don’t buy the products.

Can that apply to healthcare, too?

We need healthcare, but, we can hold healthcare providers accountable for their actions. When I’ve seen paycheck-driven doctors, they all act the same, and so when I asked the last two if I could record our meeting, both reluctantly agreed, but as soon as they were about to pull a manipulative stunt on me that they could have gotten away with were it not for the recording, they stopped, looked over at my smartphone recording and live-transcribing, and they became my best bud. The patient-driven doctors didn’t mind at all, because they didn’t see the recording as a threat to their business. They’re just doing a job and helping patients. My argument is that we see more patient-driven healthcare systems.

Also, drive out the paycheck-driven aspects of healthcare.

Quotes: [1] My thoughts on this photo.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Writing about my current perspective on my experiences.
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Photo: Described in-line.
Written On: 2021 April 04 [8:41pm to 9:07pm]
Last Edited: 2021 April 04 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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