[Tripping On…] Hernia Appointment Soon

My-Today, I scheduled a consultation with a surgeon about the hernia near my belly button, scheduled a ganglion impar block, progressed the seroma details, and did so all with feeling in poor physical health. It’s unfortunate that so much of this burden ends up being  placed on me, but for every negative, it seems like there are positives. There are times the negatives outweigh the positives, then, the reverse, so it’s an unnecessarily wild ride.

The hernia surgeon’s office proactively called me!

The scheduling wasn’t too bad and will happen on my-Tuesday By this essay’s publication, it’s possible that I’ve already got this treated. Similarly for the ganglion impar. This was the Overlake Musculoskeletal office with the office manager who values keeping a clear calendar over patient care, so, when I called up their office, I advocated as strongly as I could about how it is better that I am proactively scheduling this and I can always cancel the appointment if the doctor determines on my-Monday if they don’t want to go in that direction. The schedulers didn’t care; it is obvious to me now that it is the current office manager’s prerogative to bully patients like me out of possible double-bookings with two doctors because of the sacredness of the books for future business.

I write it like this because it is disgusting to me.

I shouldn’t have to advocate for the validity of my existence in life, but I do, especially as a trans person that exists outside of the norm, but to do so in healthcare is especially perverted. These healthcare providers of all employment perspective should be there to serve patient care. Most, at my first instance of saying “this is best for my patient care,” will let me have my peace. Some will bully me as much as they can out of my patient care. I wonder if it’s because of differing definitions of patient care? Some might consider the potential to serve new patients by way of taking their co-pays as patient care. I don’t know, and frankly, the more I think about the pettiness of people like that office manager, the worse I get.

Speaking of office managers, I wrote a stern message to another office manager.

I put the full message in the Zdiscord channel #health-zp-damn-zp-that-sucks, outside of redacting the names of the doctors, but today I finally heard back from Overlake’s customer service concerning why I never heard back from the Overlake Issaquah clinic’s manager as I was told. The manager apparently wanted to keep the message off-the-records by having it be a phone call, so when I didn’t answer the phone call once, they thought I didn’t want to talk. Oh, I did, and talk I did. I asked one question. What were the doctors doing exactly when they said they were working so hard in helping me out? I talked about how I told my now-former PCP that I wasn’t able to eat anything but oatmeal for two weeks, how the PCP heard me, but did nothing to assist me with that. I talked about how I spent weeks saying the same thing to that PCP but seeing no action. I explained all of this and then asked about what was happening from their perspective. What were they doing if all of their referrals failed so severely that this PCP’s only effective referral was telling me to go to UW Medicine’s Harborview ER?

I imagine the answer to that question will be to blame me somehow.

That’s what the patient “advocates” over at Swedish did regarding my concerns over my now-former pain management doctor. I have yet to read out this letter in full because I want to record my reactions, but there’s a degree of psychic damage they do toward me that is only attacking the patient while the patient is down. It’s unfortunate but that’s how it’s been for me over the years. With that context, through fighting this stomach discomfort related feeling of sickness, I called Molina to ask them for advice about the seroma and because the Overlake Issaquah office manager had talked to my former Molina case manager. I told them that they shouldn’t have talked with that case manager because I haven’t been assigned to that person for over a week.

Oops, someone fucked up.

I was told that I’ll have a new case manager reaching out to me via email within a week. I don’t fully trust this, because the rep didn’t quite understand my request about the seroma, and sent me along a list of plastic surgeons dealing with ear, nose, and throat, rather than a seroma of the tailbone area, and when I politely asked the rep to double-check, the line went silent for two minutes. I called back, told a new rep that the rep I just spoke with hadn’t answered my question, and we proceeded to have a thorough conversation about seroma referrals. My musculoskeletal doctor will need to make the specific referral on my-Monday, unless, as I did, I messaged them early to ask if they could do that referral early as they did with the hernia. They might push back because they want to physically examine me on Monday, but, at least I’ll have asked the questions and did what I could to get some action going, rather than waiting until Monday and maybe not getting this question answered.

Every business day, if I can muster it, I need to unreasonably advocate for myself.

I don’t know why I’ve had such a string of anti-patient healthcare workers in charge of my healthcare. The UW Medicine Pain scheduler was the worst of the bunch, appreciating bureaucracy significantly more than anyone dealing with patient care should, but sometimes I luck out with people that hear what’s going on and think, “wow, that’s really not how this should all work.” All of these experiences radicalized me regarding my perspective on healthcare.

They should have made it easier for me.

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Written On: 2022 June 24 [11:14 to 11:39pm]
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