[Tripping On…] Minimal Medical Assistance

I reached out to my health insurance company about some questions. Their response was about as lackluster as possible. I asked for more information. They closed the message. I haven’t gone to fill out the survey to blast them with as negative of feedback as possible, and ask the same questions again, but this is the sort of treatment that the American Healthcare System gives: whatever is the least possible while still being legally “assisting.”

It’s too bad it has to be like this.

The answer on fixing this is larger than anything I can answer, but at least I can call attention to how unfair it is that this is how it’s like to pay into a premium country with healthcare costs that will make you bankrupt if you’re not careful. Over the past year, my patriotism in America has waned as I’ve dealt with many problems like this, small or large, where it seems like the American Healthcare System is more concerned over punting issues to another party than actually helping to resolve healthcare needs.

It’s frustrating and I’m glad I’m not replying now.

I will probably rather reply tomorrow because now I’m so angry that I asked my insurance company for help with navigating the healthcare environment and rather than assisting they gave me a vague answer and when I asked for clarification, my message was closed. It’s this sort of bullshit that is done by an unregulated insurance company that doesn’t need to answer to any governing body on the small scale. If I don’t speak up like I am now, with my survey, and with sending a new message, then I will become a victim of the American Healthcare System. My needs will not be met because some asshole employee – and fuck that person, I have no sympathy for them – decided to click “close” rather than “reply” when I asked for help.

I don’t have the physical ability to deal with this at the moment.

I am navigating my way through a difficult healthcare situation and requesting assistance from my insurance company and this is how they help. I hate all of the organizations I’ve dealt with, I hate my insurance, and I feel like they are doing the minimum possible to assist me. I believe that there are certain jingoistic concepts involved where people feel that this is the best healthcare system in the world. Have they been anesthetized only to be left numb without any medical professional explaining the situation? I doubt it. Have they gone to countless doctors only to be “referred” to a “specialist” that points them somewhere else? How many doctors have I seen? How many have acknowledged that I have a pain issue and have refused to do anything about it? Most of them.

It’s tiring to deal with.

I hate that I have to keep dealing with this shit all the time. Even in the days approaching my spine injection, I don’t know what my long-term care will look like. The doctor that’s giving my injection to me has refused to help me in any of the regards that would help me continue my insurance, so, I don’t know what to do. I feel sick and miserable right now. I don’t want to keep writing this essay. I want to lie down and sleep. I hate this situation I’m in and I hate that I have to keep fighting against the American Healthcare System. It is an uncaring monolith that will consume me if I make one false step. I have to worry about being bankrupt by it and this latest “closure” is one more swing against me. How many more of these swings can I take before I find myself physically broken and financially broken as well?

I feel much weaker than I did a month ago.

I feel much less able to do the many things I once could do effortlessly, and I feel like there’s going to be no improvement. I don’t think I’m going to get better. I don’t think there will be a time or place where I can move around freely, work without spine pain, or do much of anything requiring deep concentration anymore. I can piece things together and navigate around acceptably. And these thoughts are all because of some bully of the American Healthcare System that doesn’t care about me as a human being at all, and is more concerned about performing to their metrics, perhaps because they’re worried about being fired for prior poor performance, so they continue to act in ways where they short-change the customer for their own benefit.

This is the American Healthcare System.

I have had positive experiences, sure – or probably sure, but an overwhelming majority of my experiences have been negative. I hate that I have to interact with in this American Healthcare System. Is this truly the world’s best? I doubt it. I think the jingoist assholes that proclaim that would rather die than be wrong. So we have to accept this system until we’ve had enough of this system, and I’ve had enough of being bullied by the very people that I have trusted my healthcare needs into, so when I’m done with this essay, I will write my survey.

Actually, let me do that now.

I took about 5 minutes to fill out their survey. We’ll see if they respond to it, but at least I am taking control once again. I can fully empathize with victims waiting for years to come forward now. It’s difficult to be victimized by a situation and then have to fight through a culture that is systematically oppressing its victims to the point where it is nearly impossible to break through to get any assistance at all – and this is me writing as someone requesting assistance from a company, not something more severe, and yet the treatment I receive is helping me to relate to more severe cases.

I make the comparison to express newfound compassion.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Writing about my experiences. Here’s what I wrote for the survey: “I am having trouble navigating my way through a difficult healthcare situation where email message is easier. The contact person told me to call and when I asked for more information, they closed the case. This person does not care about me as a human being. This person couldn’t care about my health in the slightest and they had no concern over helping me answer my questions that is perfectly within their ability to do so – or, to send me to a department that could. How dare [company] consider this acceptable customer service?”
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Written On: 2021 March 24 [11:05pm to 11:34pm]
Last Edited: 2021 March 24 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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