[Tripping On…] Multi Day Headache

I’ve had this headache for two days now. I’m not sure what caused it or what’s making it so bad. It might be constipation. Or is it some kind of spine problem? I have been feeling more physically active today and yesterday compared to immediately after the injection. I almost feel like things could be recovering, but, that could just be the medicine kicking in as well. I’ll know more readily after this headache resides.

Yesterday was particularly bad.

Yesterday, it felt like anything I ate or drank made my body even more bloated. After going to bed and waking up, I felt better after peeing, so I thought, maybe that would fix it? Maybe having some caffeine would help? Maybe taking some Miralax and having a bowel movement would help? None of these really did. The most that helped was sleeping off the pressure. The pressure was most around my right eye, which is typical of a pressure headache caused by neck or back strain, but that’s all been fine for me, so I don’t know.

Focusing on things has been helpful.

Focusing on videogames, broadcasted livestreams, or videos helps keep my mind focused on that, rather than anything else, which is useful. I still want to get groceries, hopefully tomorrow, so that will be a good test to see how I’m doing in terms of physicality. I’ve been moving around easier, with less reliance on my cane to walk around, which has been nice. Maybe the injections are actually helping? It will be good, if so, because I have a lifetime’s – or several lifetime’s – worth of things I want to do, and I can’t do them all while sitting here at my writing chair all day because I don’t have the energy to do much else.

I feel like I barely have enough energy to write this essay, though.

Sometimes after I complete essays where I say I’ll go to bed directly after, I don’t, because something catches my attention. I don’t feel like this will be the case today. My body and my mind are both tired, so I’ll probably be able to sleep fairly quickly, and if I wake up early enough, I can go get groceries without much trouble. I’m still not at the point of doing much more, but if I can at least do that, and get a variety of foods, then that should be helpful. It will also be nice to throw out some recycling and trash, get out and move around, since I haven’t left the apartment since last week’s injection, and I haven’t driven anywhere that far in weeks.

Do I want to do any brainstorming about where to drive now?

The thing about being disabled for as long as I have is that nothing seems appealing in terms of physical locations. I could go to, like, a bookstore, but then there’s the energy of walking around the store. Same for any park. What sights could I see? The only point of driving around, then, is to get my car warmed up after so many weeks of stationary residence, with the occasional jaunt down the way. I don’t know. It just all feels like an uphill battle at this point, and that’s probably my headache applying pressure to the rest of my mind talking, rather than the actual truth of the matter.

I’ll wrap the essay here so I can go to bed.

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Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Not my normal sort of essay, but I’m in a terrible sort of mood because of my health, so I think it’ll be better if I shut things down and try to sleep rather than push myself to much more.
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Written On: 2021 September 02 [11:11111111111pm to 11:27pm]
Last Edited: 2021 September 02 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]


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