[Tripping On…] Olympic Nirvana Geography

The fun thing about coming up with tools is using them, and here, I could take the negative energy about being told I need to go drive hours and hours to get medical treatment and I could use that energy somewhat productively. I recorded some video of me browser-exploring the part of town I might be flung into and found some interesting results. Were it not for this recording style… I would have remained angry.

Driving out to Olympia is not optimal, but I’ll drive anywhere now.

The problem was the pain clinic representatives didn’t check to see if the doctor they were sending me to would be covered by my insurance, so when they did, they found an opening either the clinic in Olympia or one closer to me, but, weeks away.
The way these reps have acted have ranged from complete apathy to decent enough, so it’s frustrating that I have to wait, but if it all works out, I don’t mind making the drive out there.

Especially now that I’ve figured out a system for traveling proactively.

I’m very much a person that enjoys being productive while doing things. I don’t want to sit around being idle unless that idleness is recreational relaxation. I can enjoy a good bath, but if I can think through my thoughts, or have something with me to exercise my mind as I relax my body, all the better. Going out to Olympia to go there and back would be a waste of time, but if I drove out there, did some audio recording there and back to talk about my thoughts, and explored around, well, I would be producing content that I could upload.

What would I do in Olympia for one or two hours?

As I explored the maps, I asked myself about what I would have done years ago, with a healthier body, and a materialistic mindset. I would have gone thrifting, seeking out objects to satiate my need for novelty. Getting some rare or unique item might make the trip more memorable in my mind, but especially now, I remember not the store purchases but the store experiences. There was a thrift store I used to go to whenever I was up north that always gave me a sort of recreational calm since I would always go there after a long day of work, or, on a casual drive.

I don’t want to go thrifting much anymore.

If I can ever return to health where I can walk around without crutches or canes, I might still go inside of thrift stores, but not often. What would I buy? Books? Toys? Videogames? Music? More? I’ve bought all these over the years and they were all empty purchases toward the life I want to live, but, I enjoyed observing them, possibly even interacting with them, so I don’t want to completely remove that experience from my life – if I can help it – but it’s not important to me in this physical condition and consideration in life.

I can’t go to parks.

Talking about what I want out of life while looking at a map offers myriad experiences for exploring what I could do with my life. Would I want to move out there? If only the rent were cheap enough and the work was accessible enough for me. When given opportunities like this to explore new towns, I think it’s useful to consider how it would be like to be a tourist. What would a good tourist do in a new part of the world? Look at guides and maps for anything interesting, and here, I found that there was a house that ties in with my favorite band, Nirvana.

The singer had lived and worked in one house there for a while.

There’s no museum and the house doesn’t stand out from any other on the block, so I don’t feel compelled to go there and check it out, other than to drive around the area to get an idea of how it must have been like 30+ years ago, amalgamating my own experiences with towns like this over years like mine. Even if Kurt Cobain wrote a majority of Nirvana’s music in that house, to me, there is no significance to that house over any other. Historical sites do give us places to ponder significant events, so it’s not to say if the site doesn’t have a placard it’s not worthwhile, or that all sites are insignificant, it’s just when it comes to residential homes, they’re just where people live and work on living.

Would driving past that house improve my relationship with Nirvana?

Probably not. We have mapping programs that let us see every major road in the world, so, I’ve already been there today as I recorded my experience of finding out about this house and exploring around there. Going there physically would represent the completion of going there mentally as I did today. I could see the streets and maybe imagine how it was like, and I could consider that house or that area’s significance. From the maps, it still looks like a fairly average residential area.

Nothing remarkable other than its place in rock music history.

The house doesn’t appear to be a museum, and I doubt the homeowners would ever try to convert the place to a museum because this is such an esoteric factoid for anyone but Nirvana fans. Sure, music-writing is important, but Cobain only lived there for a few years, even if those were formative years. If I have the time to go there, then eat, yeah, sure, I’ll drive by, and after eating, record some thoughts, otherwise, what’s more worthwhile to me is getting my health back in order. I could always go near there another time when I’m feeling better. But still, having explored all that, with this consideration, was a good start. I can do this more often with future adventures.

Why not let bad news prompt content?

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Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: Writing about my recording to explore my thoughts in more detail. Doing these recordings is a good way to express the anger that might otherwise weigh these essays down.
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Written On: 2021 November 20 [11:1111111111111pm to 11:37pm]
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