[Tripping On…] Remaining Contextual Essays

I haven’t had a headache in over a week, I’ve been back from medical leave for longer, and I’m getting bored of the topic of writing about health issues. I have a list of the last three essays I want to write to conclude this series I’m calling Tripping On The American Healthcare System, otherwise, I can’t think of much else to write. I guess that means I’ve soaked in as much as I could?

My next step[*] will be digesting all the medical paperwork for the appendix section.

I was thinking of what was left with this series while I had my car in the shop to replace my tires and the paperwork was the biggest thing. I’ll be going in for physical therapy tomorrow, but I haven’t been getting as much out of these sessions as the first few. We’re mainly just covering concepts and doing the same stretches, so it’s not like I’m treading new ground.

I also wanted to conclude writing these essays after a week-without-headache.

Since I’ve achieved that goal, now it’s just a matter of spending the hour or two to process all the documentation and archive it. I have digital copies of almost every interaction I’ve had with my insurance companies and doctor visits. It should be useful including these redacted medical documents in an appendix first to show that, yes, this actually did happen and for two, I think it will all be useful information for others to see how it’s like to go through the American Healthcare System.

I’ve wondered about how much I would charge for this information.

I want to keep these first drafts online. I will link to these essays when I get my publishing business started and get a storefront established to show readers some of what they’ll be in for when they read this and other publications. For the Sober Living series, I think it’d be rude to put up an expensive paywall for that information because people in the throngs of sobriety [and here, the American Healthcare System] are the most vulnerable and the most needing of a guiding hand. With the Sober Living series, I know that I am no saint, but through my sins, I want to help as much as I can.

The information should be freely available.

I think it would be fair to charge a dollar for the well-formatted, well-edited publication versions of this book along with any other but we’ll see how that goes overall. I’ve watched or read things freely available then went back in and purchased it fully once I knew I liked it. I’m just not much of a fan of buying things sight-unseen. We should be able to have a good test go of things, whether that means reading the first few pages, playing a videogame’s demo, or watching trailers.

With that aside concluded, I wonder what else would be useful?

I would start by searching for any reference to “headache” on my website then search for the oldest entry to see what is relevant or not. I wrote some early stuff about headaches so I’ve been dealing with them for a while, but narratively, those are more of the foreshadowing essays than anything that might be worth including in this publication. Next, I would look at everything I wrote during the roughly December 2019 to March 2020 months and “Tripping On” category.

That’s for the free stuff.

What I’ll do with all that is compile them into a series of documents that I can go back through and edit. I wrote most of these essays with thousand-word counts, but between myself and my editor J.D., we’ll go through and edit out what is superfluous and include contextual notes. This is the part where I may include some final essays that tie everything together, either before or after those last three essays, where I’ll write about the root cause [ergonomics], a burn I acquired along the way, and the final cost of all the bills I paid to fix this headache issue.

I could probably write the bills essay while compiling the paperwork appendix.

I hadn’t intended to write all this. I rather wanted to sell off all my superfluous computer, media, and other things, but I didn’t need to dedicate three months specifically to that. These headaches and this project may have thrown me off my tracks slightly for three months but it’s not like I was unconscious through that three-month period. I was able to do some things and I wrote many more.

I just would like to help others prevent themselves from becoming victims like I was.

I’m still receiving emergency room bills more than a month after I went in. That’s the biggest surprise to me. Since returning to work and talking with my management and colleagues about my situation, I’ve argued that now I understand why medical tourism is becoming more popular. If half the doctors I saw were useless, why not go see doctors that could also be equally useless or maybe even just as helpful, but pay significantly less?

Because America is the best country in the world?

From my experience, if it were, then my healthcare benefits would have enabled a fast and affordable resolution to my issue, instead of costing me a good amount of money from my bank and lost wages, but that’s the extent to which I want to talk about healthcare as a political issue. I instead want to present this subjective experience I had with as much evidence as possible. If the reader feels one way or another then they can act on those feelings. I just want to present the information and move on. If I recoup my money, that’d be nice, but I don’t need the hassle involved. I just want to write my fiction and live my life. Having that money would just mean living slightly more comfortably, but just marginally.

What’s more comfortable is having no headaches whatsoever forever more.

Quotes: None.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations[1] As a correction for the next step, I have to go through my publishing backlog first before I start going through my medical paperwork, but it sits, ugly, in my constant view, so I want to clear it out. I just have to tend to these essays first.
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Picture: This template picture is of the band I received from the emergency department labeling me as a patient that’s in my paperwork stack somewhere.
Written On: 2020 February 23 [From 1:27am to “I want to help as much as I can” at 1:45am. From 1:50am to 2:07am. Gdocs.]
Last Edited: 2020 March 04 [Adapted from Gdoc, so, second draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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