[Tripping On…] Tripping On Methocarbamol

It’s 2:37pm and I just took my first Methocarbamol. I’m listening to the Endless War Kickstarter stream while I’m waiting the estimated 30 minutes for this muscle relaxant to kick in. I’ve got everything prepped for tomorrow, mainly prepped my coffee machine, in case I get knocked out from this, but considering how other similar medications have been, at most, I’ll be fine. Still, consider this a trip report for how things go as they go.

Friday, 2:47pm
I’m feeling a little something right now. Medication for me tends to on-set quicker than normal but it’s been about 12 minutes since I took this photo and took the medication. I feel a little numb but not enough to lose my focus enough to change the picture over to a version that doesn’t have EXIF data. Even though it’s cool to see that I took the photo at 2:35pm, the problem with that is that if the EXIF data tweaks at all, like if I took the photo sideways and then rotated it, WordPress will auto-force the photo to be screwed up and there are no in-Wordpress options to fix it. If I remove the EXIF data by using a generic picture without EXIF data first, then it’s fine. But getting back on topic, I still feel pain in my lower back and more in my upper back, but we’ll give it a little bit of time…

Friday, 3:05am
I haven’t stood up since I last stopped in here. I feel OK. I repositioned myself and I feel a little numb and the back of my neck feels a little sore, but nothing too big. I’ve prepped everything Endless War related. The stream isn’t interesting, but it was cool when they were talking about my drawing and my RFCKsona a little while ago. Otherwise, nothing interesting to write currently.

Friday, 3:37pm
I made some salmon and notice that my head was hurting, so I took some nabumetone, which might affect the purity of this trip report, but hey, we’re here. I’m going to do some !mining in Endless War while thinking about how I’m doing, after I send my updated doctor’s note to my employer for the next two weeks off. Then I’ll write about it below. After that, I’ll write a few more essays as I feel well enough to do. I’ll conclude this essay tomorrow morning because when I woke up this morning, my back was really sore, and it’s been sore the past few days – since starting PT. If this medication curbs that at all, which I do feel pangs in the middle of my back now, so it’s arguable, then this could be effective. Otherwise, I’ll ask for other medication.

Friday, 6:40pm
I feel, overall, alright. My head hurts around my upper neck right now, but my lower back doesn’t hurt as much. I’ll do my stretches tomorrow morning, depending on how things go. If I don’t see much progress, I’ll keep up until Monday and if I can’t exercise without wasting days because of being in pain, then I’ll schedule a follow-up to get a different medication. At least it’s not too effective, in that I don’t feel stoned. I was feeling a little tired earlier. I might have written this earlier, but I was digging too much into the culture of Endless War and getting frustrated with people, so I’ll give that a rest for 24 hours to focus on other things. I won’t know for sure if this is effective until tomorrow morning, but for now, anyways, if I feel like writing, that’s a good start.

Friday, 9:47pm
I ended up taking another Methocarbamol, along with a Nabumetone, and a Propranolol just to kick things up a notch. Other than feeling tired earlier there, I don’t feel much different now. I don’t feel drowsy. I feel more productive, so it might be kicking in, or, it could be because I’ve been inactive other than walking to the restroom, cooking food, and sitting here to write. This medication might be effective for my lower back pains. Tomorrow morning, after sleeping for a good amount of time, will be the real test, along with the day after tomorrow, because if I feel well tomorrow, I’ll do my exercises again, take the medication as prescribed, and see if I can remain productive. If not, which is to say I can’t do my stretches and exercises without feeling sore the next day, then I’ll call on Monday and ask for a different prescription.

Saturday, 10:45am
Well, I’m going to schedule a follow-up appointment on Monday to get an alternate medication. For one, I woke up at 1:47am, which I don’t think was directly related to my rowdy downstairs neighbors who the apartment complex management has acknowledged with the reply to my email stating, “we will reach out to them again about noise levels.[1]”] It’s what happened when I woke up to my actual alarm – 8am – where I was in just about as much pain as before and it took me about one hour – again – to get out of bed. This made me realize that there’s no real point in trying to give this medication much more of a chance. I’ll keep taking it until I get the alternate medication on maybe Tuesday, but I’ll conclude this essay – unless I add something at the bottom over after this – and say that Methocarbamol is a bust for me. []

Quotes: [1] When they stomp around after hours and slam their front door about twenty times a day, reverberating throughout my living room, I might be sensitive about it, but hey, if I’m paying for a quiet, high-end apartment, I have the right to complain about disturbances as much as I want.
Sources: My personal experiences.
Inspirations: I figure trip reports like this might be helpful, even though most of it amounted to “I was checking out this livestream and nothing happened.” Sorry about that.
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Picture: Medication on my skillet.
Written On: See above.
Last Edited: 2020 May 09 [First draft; final draft for the Internet.]
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